Important Cal OSHA Issues that California Employers Must Know

Cal/OSHA makes it mandatory for both employers and employees to:
  • Practice workplace safety
  • Establish a foundation for a healthful and safe workplace
Under Cal/OSHA employers are required to have certain plans and remedies at the ready for their employees.


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These plans and remedies fall under the “Injury and Illness Prevention Program”.

These plans and remedies fall under the “Injury and Illness Prevention Program”. Click To Tweet

Injury and Illness Prevention Program

The “Injury and Illness Prevention Program”, also known as IIPP, requires employers to be trained in safe work practices. Under the IIPP:
  • The affected employee has the right to contact respective Cal/OSHA office serving the relevant district and file a complaint.
  • The employer will not be able to discharge, demote, suspend or penalize the employee for reporting a hazardous situation at the workplace.
  • Employees have the right to access and view documents pertaining to their safety and well-being.
  • Employees have the right to contest working in conditions which are hazardous and unhealthy.
* Cal/OSHA also encourages employees to actively participate in IIPP’s offered by their respective employers. * It is the responsibility of the employee to be educated about the safety practices in their workplace.

Components of an Injury and Illness Prevention Program

  • Black and White: The IIPP should be in writing and should clearly state the specifics regarding the employer’s current activities.
  • Authority for Program Implementation: The responsible person or group of persons should be mentioned with names and designations for implementing the program.
  • Compliance: A system to be mentioned in the plan for ensuring all health safety practices are being implemented throughout the organization.
  • Hazard Assessment: The plan should include methods for identifying hazards as well as for evaluating current potential hazards.
  • Accident Investigation: It is imperative that an investigative procedure be included in the plan for situations where employees do fall prey to hazards.
  • Corrective Action Plan: Furthermore, there should be a detailed outline for ensuring the hazards are removed from the workplace.
  • Training and Instruction: The relevant trainings should be declared in the plan for each job role as well as general outlines to be laid out which all employees will be subject to.


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