5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Relationship with Your Boss

Posted On: February 23, 2015
Tips to Improve Your Relationship with Your Boss

It's all too easy to see your boss as a scary and distant entity. The common idea is that your boss is a shadow lurking in the background, waiting to fire you when you least expect it. However, your boss is human just like you, and it's entirely possible to build a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with him or her.

In fact, it's one of the best things that you can do for your employment—and peace of mind at work. If you want to build a good relationship with your boss, then utilize these five tips today:

Tip # 1 - Build Relationships with Everybody

If you build strong relationships with everyone in the office, your boss will take notice. This means rising above the trite office gossip and focusing on improving workflow and the general workplace atmosphere instead. Take control of your job and respect those around you. Your boss will notice this—and he or she will respect you all the more for it. Do you think you need improvement on your good working relationship? 360training.com is the best platform to conduct proper business training to advance on your career. Visit our online courses now!

Tip # 2 - Be Naturally Friendly

You can be friendly with your boss without being sickly sweet. Make small talk when appropriate. There’s a fine line between building rapport and kissing up to the boss, so make sure that your simple gestures are authentic. Grabbing a cup of coffee and extending the offer? No problem. Grabbing a cup of coffee and extending the offer—every single day? Probably not the best way to get to his or her good side.

Tip # 3 - Seek Advice

You can increase trust and recognition by asking for advice and feedback. Your boss may be busy, but asking respectfully (and at the right time) can do wonders in the long run. Show that you value his or her opinion. Always ask for specific feedback as opposed to vague generalities. Becoming the protégée, even for only a few minutes at a time, is a great way to earn trust and respect.

Tip # 4 - Communicate Efficiently

Your boss, like all humans, would rather not be bothered by every triviality on the job. So when you speak to your boss, make sure to do so in a professional and direct manner. Don't beat around the bush. Respect your time and his or her time by being upfront about any comments, questions, or even criticisms. This will help to ensure that you both see eye to eye.

Tip # 5 - Show Your Value

An effective way to improve relations is by showing your value as an employee. Do your best on every assignment, as if the entire company depends on it. If there's something you can add to the table, then add it! Don't be afraid of speaking your mind. More often than not, your boss won’t ignore a well-thought opinion.

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