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Increasing Employee Productivity

Editorial Team November 10, 2013 0
Increasing Employee Productivity

Increasing employee productivity is widely recognized as one of the most important goals in the business world today.   Employee productivity is a factor that has a profound impact on a business.  Productivity, whether increased or decreased, will affect revenue, product releases, ability to meet deadlines, employee morale, etc.

Here are several tips on how to improve employee productivity at your company:

Set clear, measurable goals for your employees

This initiative will allow employees to manage their time efficiently, which will ultimately lead to an increase in employee productivity.  Setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals also gives managers a chance to evaluate the employee’s performance.  If the employee is unable to complete the set goals at the end of the set time period, the manager will be able to evaluate the employee to see if any steps need to be taken in order to help the employee succeed in the future.

360training.com’s quarterly goal system is an integral part of our culture.  Managers sit down with their employees at the beginning of each quarter to discuss the employee’s goals for that quarter.  An employee’s individual goals are formulated to tie in with departmental and corporate goals.  To track an employee’s progress, managers will hold one-on-one meetings with their employees on a weekly basis to go over progress, accomplishments, roadblocks, etc.  At the end of the quarter, managers assess the work completed by the employee and “grade” them accordingly.  The quarterly goal scores tie in with 360training.com’s variable compensation program, which is based on the “pay for performance” model.  This encourages employees to work their hardest in order to attain a high goal score, thus increasing employee productivity!

Make the most of an employee’s workday

An integral part of any employee’s workday can also consume much-needed time to complete projects, tasks, etc.  One way to maximize the time an employee has to do actual work is to decrease the number of meetings that take place throughout the day.  Putting a limit on how many meetings an employee is expected to attend on a daily basis will give employees the time they need to buckle down and get the job done!

Another way to give employees more time to work during the day is to limit the duration of meetings.   Some experts believe a way of accomplishing this is to implement standing and technology-free meetings.  This will help keep meetings short and to the point.  There’s little opportunity for a meeting to drag on if you implement one of these two meeting types!  There are pros and cons to this, so evaluate the needs of your team and decide whether this would work well for you!

Limiting the number of meetings employees attend on a daily basis and reducing the length of each meeting will give employees the time they need to work on their assigned tasks and goals, while still allowing employees to gather and go over any items that need to be addressed.

Provide your employees with positive feedback and constructive criticism

Take the time to sit down with your employees on a regular basis in order to go over their tasks, goals, accomplishments, roadblocks, etc.  Regular meetings pave the way for transparency between an employee and his/her manager.  These meetings give managers a chance to review an employee’s work with the purpose of providing feedback and when needed, constructive criticism.

Positive feedback, constructive criticism, and setting clear expectations will ultimately increase employee productivity; once the employees know what they are doing correctly and what they can enhance, they will work hard to make those improvements.  This transparency between manager and employee results in increased employee productivity and a positive, happy work environment!  Here at 360training.com, we encourage weekly one-on-one meetings between an employee and his/her manager.  This is one of the key factors contributing to our employees’ success!

Provide your employees with development and training opportunities

Giving your employees the tools they need to succeed at their jobs will have a dramatic impact on their productivity.  This can be easily accomplished by implementing training plans tailored for newly hired employees.  Providing new employees with training specific to their duties will help them learn about what is expected of them in their new role.  It will also decrease the amount of time they spend “learning the ropes,” thus allowing you to maximize their potential early on and have an impact on their productivity!

These are just some ideas that can help increase employee productivity in the workplace.  What are some things that YOU are doing in your office to accomplish this goal?


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