Things You Missed About the iPhone 7 Launch

Posted On: September 26, 2016
The Latest iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 was recently released with features that outshine the previous models. Given the advances that the new iPhone brings to the table, many could find the device intimidating due to the features and functions that the phone has to offer. Thankfully, this circumstance is one of the many reasons why our eLearning programs exist: so you can stay out of the dark in regards to your device and the operating system it utilizes. Such new iPhone 7 features and specifications include:

  • A solid state home button (much like the Motorola OnePlus 3 and Moto Z).
  • A pressure-sensitive 3D Touch layer.
  • The phones are water resistant.
  • The phone doesn't use a headphone jack.
  • A new camera with a larger aperture and optical image stabilization.
  • Stereo speakers on the bottom and the top of the iPhone 7.

iOS Accessibility Settings

What's new with iOS 8? Well, the iOS 8 features include:

  • The scanning pop-up capability that pulls up a menu of options has had a few changes. When the pop-up menu is in its initial click state, it has less options to select from. The pop-up menu hasn't decreased available options, but it has changed its layout in regards to how it presents its options.
  • The word prediction setup has been upgraded as well. As one types their message, the iOS 8 system automatically recommends wording from messages that have been sent in the past. The word recommendations automatically show up above the keypad so one can easily plug in the words they wish to use.
  • The iOS 8 accessibility features also include Bluetooth pairing. In the My Devices menu, the iOS 8 setup will notify you of the devices that are (or have been) paired with the device. This menu is incredibly useful for anyone using more than one Bluetooth device at a time.

If you're lost in regards to what's possible with the iOS 8 system, we have excellent training programs that will explain "What's New" and show you how to build-in accessibility functions. We'll always keep you out of the dark when it comes to utilizing an operating system to its full potential. The iOS 9 features list offers more of the same great perks that the system is known for. Such perks include:

  • The 3D Touch system offers a "peek and pop" option that allows one to preview content without having to open another application to view it. For example, a light press in your email application will let you peek at the email and a hard press will actually open the message. If the email has a link attachment, you can peek at the link without having to open another application.
  • The Apple Pay program has made serious improvements. The iOS 9 system can store multiple credit cards and allows your phone to function as a wallet at certain checkouts.
  • iOS 9 offers multiple battery settings to suit your phone usage.

The iOS 9 functions are a bit more complex, but we've still got you covered. If you'd like to build applications with no previous experience, our app building course is perfect for you. If you'd like to become an app building professional with no prior experience, we have an eLearning course that's right up your alley. If you're looking to develop apps for Apple TV, our Apple TV Application Development eLearning course is everything you need.  

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