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5 Ways Networking Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

360training.com October 19, 2015 0

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Finding your dream job in today’s market might prove tricky, especially if you try to do it all on your own. Employers love known quantities when hiring, so hearing some good word-of-mouth from a trusted source can make all the difference for aspiring jobseekers. If the concept of job networking seems foreign to you, read on.

  1. Networking is Just Another Avenue for Opportunities.

Your network basically helps you to expand your job search, casting a wider net in order to find more sources of opportunities. Talk to your friends, relatives, past colleagues, classmates, professional acquaintances, and social network contacts to make the most of this effective strategy. Without a doubt, networking can help you to tap other career opportunities—your contacts can pass your name to other professionals who might need someone with your skills and background.

  1. Networking is its Own Form of Collaboration.

If you enjoy working in a team environment, job networking is your chance to join forces with peers. Turn your job search into your ultimate project—gently enlisting networking contacts to help you lighten the load and be more efficient in finding the right direction to your next job opportunity. Remember that networking is, in a sense, quid pro quo—so prepare to offer support and advice to your contacts whenever they need it.

  1. Networking Helps You Improve Your Communication Skills.

If you tend to stay in your own bubble—perhaps as an introvert or simply someone who prefers to do things alone—networking prepares you for the fact that, at work, you have to step outside of your comfort zone. While you will meet some of your networking contacts organically, there will be times when you have to introduce yourself to a new contact on your own—cold and without an intermediary introduction. As difficult as this concept might seem, it will brush up your communication skills and, to an extent, help you prepare for future job interviews.

  1. Networking Helps You Get to Know the Culture and Work Environment.

Your contacts might have some helpful insights about the inner workings of a prospective employer’s company—like an arcane fact that you missed during your research or a crucial detail about ongoing developments. These insider tips will help you to shine during your interview! Make sure to listen and ask questions about their job, then use such information to stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Networking Doesn’t Need to End When You Land Your Dream Job.

Once you land your dream job, it is important to maintain contact with your network. Keep them posted on your progress. They can continue offering insights on how to succeed and grow in your position, and you can continue to support them on their professional endeavors as well.

Cultivating your job networking skills can be rewarding… So take the time to build your networks for a lifetime of mutually beneficial professional relationships. Want more networking tips for job seekers? Follow 360training.com’s blog for other career essentials!

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