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Job Search Tips for the 21st Century

360training.com January 3, 2013 0


Job seekers, whether they are real estate professionals, insurance agents, or medical transcriptionists and coders, are taking to the Internet. Gone are the days when job hunting meant sending out resumes to a thousand companies in hopes that one or two (or three, if you’re lucky) finds your qualifications worth the job interview. Today, it seems, proactive personal marketing is the big thing. You’re a high-value product on the market—advertise yourself accordingly.

And the way to do it? The Internet, of course.

Now, not everyone is convinced that online job search is the way to go, but the multitude that are using the Internet platform and its versatile high-visibility resources can’t all be wrong. All you need to know is how to use it right.

Caught in the Website. The numero uno thing to do to catch the right attention is to have your own website where you can post and showcase your resume and portfolio. There’s nothing like self-advertisement on a legitimate platform. Recruiters will want to browse your qualifications, body of work, career goals, and contact details, so put special effort into designing your website well. Easy navigation should be a key feature.

Video resume. Go multimedia with a video resume. You’re short-changing yourself if you don’t take advantage of the high-impact multimedia possibilities of the Internet. A video resume not only stands out but also provides employers with an engaging look at your personality and style.

Narrow the focus. So you won’t waste time and effort trawling the Web for the best job opportunities, cast a narrow net with a long reach. Job boards provide job searchers with filters to help them tune into the opportunities they want. Useful filters are location, industry, company name, experience needed by the company, and compensation offered. Use them.

Go to the source. When you know what you want, you know where to get it. For job seekers, that means you head straight to the source. Instead of simply answering a job posting (and hoping for the best), you target the location, then the industry, then the company, and finally the hiring officer himself (or herself). This is all possible now, thanks to the comprehensiveness and openness of the Internet (like Bullhorn Reach). In fact, many employer sites now offer candidates pages for resumes and details that go directly to the hiring manager.

Niche place, nice place. A national job board is a good place to find a job, but your specific industry’s national or regional website is an even better hunting ground. Increasingly, employers are advertising job openings on industry sites to get better-targeted posts and, consequently, better results. You should, too.

Connect, reconnect. Sites, such as LinkedIn, have forever changed the way clients connect with service providers as it is with job seekers and employers. The connection may be virtual at first, but it becomes very real, very fast for many. LinkedIn is the Facebook of the professional world and millions of professionals get introduced and matched with future employers via this service. Getting linked to Linkedln is only a few clicks away—and more likely than not, your employer (future or current) is there too.

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