What Jobs Can You Get After Taking EM385 Training?

What Jobs Can You Get After Taking EM 385 Training?
EM385 is considered to be the one of the most worthwhile certifications today. With this certification, you can get access to a range of contracts that are funded by the government or by the US military. The result will be prestige, a significant increase in income, and access to more contracts down the line. Here are some of the jobs that you can get with an EM385 certification.

Safety and Health Manager

Acquiring EM385 certification through suitable training is the best way to acquire the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to handle government contracts. The projects are planned under the jurisdiction of the US Army Corps of Engineers [USACE] and in accordance with their SSHO (Site Safety Health Official) guidelines.

Acquiring EM385 certification through suitable training is the best way to acquire the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to handle government contracts. Click To Tweet

Personnel working on such contracts are able to transition their skills and experience as safety and health managers that are site-specific. Most of these also come from the private sector, and from projects that are regularly put out for bids from federal agencies. Those who have EM385 ranking usually outbid competitors for these projects. In addition, they are also prioritized by the USACE and the Department of Energy for approved projects.

Handling Military Projects

The projects that are put out for bids by the Department of Defense usually require specific certification and are high proprietary. Personnel who have EM385 training are usually chosen for these, and most find themselves in military weapons facilities where their expertise is needed for safety and compliance regulations. You may also find yourself working in federal storage facilities that store military equipment for airfield and army operations.

Jobs at Cape Canaveral

Personnel with EM385 certification prove that they have the skills and experience necessary for creating and spearheading safety regulations for sensitive projects. That is why a project can also take them to a government funded space program. Their familiarity with safety regulations and practices serve them well in ensuring the integrity of launch sites at Cape Canaveral, and even in the Kennedy Space Center. Early warning space sites and military operations that are linked to the US Space Program also offer several job opportunities for personnel with EM385 certification.

Construction and Reconstruction Projects

Federal agencies that plan construction projects usually look for trained professionals who have the experience to create safety compliance training for workers. Those who are EM385 certified are prioritized over other candidates since they have these qualities. In addition, their expertise when it comes to safety compliances for storage, equipment managements, and disposal methods also gives them an edge. Besides these, EM385 certified personnel are also eligible for railroad and highway projects that are funded by the government or the military. Taking advantage of those opportunities can open a variety of new job options down the line.

40-hour EM 385-1-1 USACE Safety & Health

To become eligible for the aforementioned jobs, you need to acquire EM385 certification. 360Training’s  40-hour EM 385-1-1 USACE Safety & Health training course provides a detailed look at the EM385 - 1- 1 manual. Students who complete the course successfully will be eligible for working with the USACE. The certification is necessary for all contractors who work on federal and military projects on a contractual basis. The course has been designed specifically for personnel who are employed by military contractors and the government. It covers 40 hours of coursework and training that provides comprehensive information on the safety and compliance manual. This includes practical experience that can help students overcome real life situations they might come across in their work. The course is compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards as well. The primary objectives include:
  • Preparing site-centric APP or Accident Prevention Plans
  • How to create AHA or Activity Hazard Analysis forms and how to develop them
  • Importance of training site personnel
  • Importance of hazard communication and jobsite audits
  • How to conduct safety and health inspections as a SSHO or Site Safety Health Official
  • Understanding the responsibilities and qualifications of a SSHO
  • How to instruct SSHOs and other personnel who are working on federal and military projects and environmental contracts
  • How to acquire the data necessary for evaluating unsafe work conditions onsite
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