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Killing Time – Literally

Bullet Victorino October 7, 2013 0


The age old mystery that plagues managers and supervisors alike has haunted even the most famous men of our time. The problem of juggling priorities and handling commitments is something that has been troubling individuals since the dawn of time. Cavemen would be chased out by their mates because they forgot to buy dinosaur eggs for breakfast the next day or they forgot that they were supposed to take the dinosaur out for a walk. Simple things, yes, but the consequences are great.

Even in the medieval period, time management is still causing kings, rulers and knights to lose battles, wars and worse even kingdoms. They fail to plan accordingly, or they used too much of their time planning an assault they end up losing the element of surprise. While some of their tactics turn out fine, time is still of the essence to make sure that all of their efforts do not go to waste.

A few hundreds of years later, time management is still a big issue, Leonardo Da Vinci, even with all of his talent and brilliance still aimed to complete a lot of his works but did not entirely finished due to lack of time to complete it. Christopher Columbus, who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to discover new lands and widen the rule of Spain, he still did not have enough time to see his plans materialize.

Jump back to the present, and time management is still a problem. Everyone is still trying to control the ever elusive time. From professional athletes to business men, all of them are suffering from having too less time or sometime no time at all to do what they want to do and what’s worse it also affects what they need to do.

Now why is time so hard to manage? I know you might have asked yourself the same question more than a hundred times now and you eventually come up with a plan to manage your own time properly so you can take care of everything that you need to do. But still, priorities and deadlines are not met and projects even if they were well planned and executed still lacked luster because there was always something missing, always something lacking because you and everyone else around you ran out of time to take care of everything.

Managing your time has always been a priority, but have you ever thought about laying your priorities in order for you to manage your time? Here are a few tips that can help you or anyone that you know that has problems managing their time to at least put time to their advantage.

  1. Prioritize – group and segment tasks depending on its importance, i.e. reports is top priority and hanging out at the mall should be the least of your worries.
  2. Tools – there are more than hundreds of tools out there that are developed to help you best manage your time, i.e. manic time, calendar, scheduling assistant, minute maker and whole lot more.
  3. Pace – don’t be afraid to time yourself when you are working or finishing tasks. It might feel weird but this helps you identify what other things use up your time aside from the task that you are working on.
  4. Just do it – having an attitude like this helps you challenge yourself in beating deadlines and accomplishing goals faster, i.e. athletes push harder to win that ever elusive gold same as business men who close that seemingly impossible deal. They just do it.
  5. Work it – your tasks would stay as tasks if you don’t do anything. The idea of never leaving anything undone is indeed something to dream about but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible, i.e. the best chefs cook for their clients as if they’re cooking for an army of a thousand men. If they say it’s going to be ready in 5 minutes, it’s going to be ready in 3.

These tips have changed my perspective in life and the way I do things. But apparently there are still more to time management than just following these tips. Learning about time management can really help you or even the company that you work for perform better and for the best part complete tasks faster and within the time frame. To learn more about time management, you can visit our website at www.360training.com so you can check out all of our courses that may help you or your company to be better at managing time and tasks. Killing time has never been this good.

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