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Knowing Employee Rights under OSHA

Muddassir Katchi March 21, 2018 0
Knowing Employee Rights under OSHA

Employees often ignore the importance of employee rights under OSHA. This may be due to a combination of things:

  • Lack of workplace initiative to provide OSHA training to workers
  • Insufficient leadership training
  • An employee’s own disinterest in studying OSHA employee rights.

Many workers are not familiar with OSHA or its purpose. Employees who know their employee rights under OSHA are those in construction and field service positions where they are required to be aware of potential hazards.

The Benefits of OSHA to Protect Employee Rights

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a branch of the U.S. government dedicated to worker safety and health initiatives. For example, issues such as seasonal flu require employers to maintain a healthy workplace.

Other issues like workplace violence, exposure to hazardous materials and potentially damaging workplace noise are all covered under OSHA compliance.

Reporting Injuries or a Fatality

Another reason to know your OSHA employee rights is to learn how to report workplace injuries or a fatality. For example, employers are required to notify OSHA of a workplace injury within 24 hours and a fatality within eight hours.

Even an injury resulting from workplace negligence like lack of snow removal in winter should be reported before an injury occurs to employees. If employees do not know their OSHA rights, they cannot identify potential workplace problems.

Whether employees work in a shipyard or a state and federally certified laboratory, knowing employee rights under OSHA is their protection from injury or death.

Take the Time to Know Your Employee Rights under OSHA

OSHA is an in depth resource that can be relied on to clarify a wide variety of workplace and employee/employer rights. Employers prefer to offer employees an OSHA program of training that is most applicable to the specific workplace duties.
OSHA is an in depth resource that can be relied on to clarify a wide variety of workplace and employee/employer rights. Click To Tweet
An employee who takes the time to learn OSHA compliance as it applies to their jobs helps make the workplace safer. OSHA compliance is aligned with compliance regulations of the U.S. Department of Labor (U.S. DOL).

Note the compatibility between OSHA and the U.S. DOL’s regulations on sick leave. It is important for employees to review their company policy manuals to check whether all OSHA health regulations include designations for allowable sick time.

Independent or Employer OSHA Courses of Study

While there are no laws that require employers to offer OSHA courses of study for all employees across the board, OSHA compliance training is mandated for workers who use heavy duty equipment or in workplaces where there is potential for hazards or exposure to hazardous materials.

However, employees may choose these study courses independently. OSHA courses are found online and are convenient for busy workers.

One of the most reliable resources for OSHA study courses is 360Training.com. For better understanding of your rights to health and safety in your workplace, review the course offerings at 360training.com.

Select from the OSHA 10-hour or OSHA 30-hour courses. Then, proceed to OSHA certification completion and receive an official OSHA Dept. of Labor Wallet Card. Be sure you make your employer or future employers aware of your OSHA certification.


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