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LGBT in the Workplace: A Unique Sexual Harassment Scenario

Shane Sinha February 9, 2018 0
LGBT in the Workplace: A Unique Sexual Harassment Scenario

Workplace rights in the LGBT community are a grey area since sexual harassment in the workplace has always been associated with unwelcome male/female conduct. As this community gains the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts get, people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender are now protected from unwelcome sexual advances in their place of work.

Internalized homophobia and the shame that comes with it affect the community as a whole. Click To Tweet

The LGBT community is at a higher risk of sexual assaults as they have been stigmatized and marginalized for decades. Violence that is motivated by hatred towards people of different sexual orientations transfers to their workplace which often takes the form of sexual assault. Internalized homophobia and the shame that comes with it affect the community as a whole.

However, while sexual violence experienced by the LGBT community has become a hot topic, ways to prevent it in the workplace are rarely, if ever discussed. That is changing as state laws are being introduced that not only protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender workers, but which also promise repercussions on violations.

For example, according to California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act or FEHA, people who are of a specific sexual orientation are protected under the law, thus making LGBT harassment illegal not only in the workplace, but also anywhere else in the state.

Legal Rights of LGBT Workers

Any person of a different sexual orientation who is sexually assaulted in the workplace or discriminated against based on their sexuality has the right to press charges according to new employment laws. Some of the incidents that can trigger an investigation in this regard include:

  • Using intimidation tactics that create a hostile work environment
  • Harassing workers on being too masculine or feminine
  • Retaliation for asserting legal rights in the workplace
  • Hiring, firing, demoting or laying off a worker because of his/her sexual orientation
  • Eliminating benefits based on sex
  • Failure to pay LGBT workers because of their sexual orientation

Preventing Sexual Assault Course by 360Training

This course by 360Training explores sexual harassment in the workplace and how it can be defined according to LGBT rights. This includes:

  • Debunking common myths
  • How to deal with hostile employees
  • How to prevent a hostile work environment
  • How to eliminate persistent harassment
  • How to report harassment
  • Discussing common issues pertaining to stressors in the workplace

The course is also designed to aid managers in dissipating workplace hostilities, enforcing policies pertaining to anti-harassment efforts, implementing programs that can prevent a hostile work environment, investigating harassment complaints, and procedures to handle harassment complaints. This also includes a breakdown of the elements that should go in a policy that protects workers from sexual harassment and violence in the workplace.

360Training’s Preventing Sexual Harassment course also looks into gender discrimination and the types that can lead to discriminatory hiring and termination policies. This also includes an introduction to the Americans with Disabilities Act and the effects it has on hiring practices and workplace issues. Business ethics pertaining to bullying and open door policies are also discussed in detail.

The main objectives of the course include the following:

  • The different facets of sexual harassment
  • The conflicts and issues pertaining to workplace violence
  • The proper departments that need to deal with conflicts
  • How to create anti-harassment policies that are in the best interest of the victims and the employers
  • How to investigate claims of sexual harassment and violence in the workplace
  • Determining discriminatory practices in the workplace and employment practices that are discriminatory to the LGBT community
  • Determining bullying in the workplace, its effects, and how to prevent it
  • Stereotypes and misconceptions that can escalate violence
  • Different perceptions of sexual harassment
  • Defining what makes a hostile work environment and how to handle harassment complaints
  • How to create an open door policy to encourage victims to come forward and air their grievances to management

The course was created under the guidance of professionals who have expertise on a range of disciplines and who are proficient in adult educational theory. Take the course online according to your own schedule and get a certificate at the end. Sign up today to create a comfortable workplace for your employees irrespective of their sexual orientation.


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