Posted On: February 2, 2023

Agent Campus vs License Classroom: Which has Better Texas SAE?

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) requires a special kind of post-license training for a real estate agent's first license renewal called Salesperson Apprenticeship Training, or SAE.

Texas SAE consists of 90 hours of qualifying coursework taken within two years of your initial licensing date. In addition to SAE, you need the 8 hours of Texas Legal Update credits that are required for every license renewal of your career.

To count, you must take your SAE coursework with a TREC-approved training provider. Online training is often the most convenient and cost-effective option for SAE. You have many choices, including TREC-approved providers like Agent Campus, License Classroom, and Aceable Agent.

But which of these is the best choice? We've compared Agent Campus and Aceable in the past, but let's take a look at License Classroom vs. Agent Campus.

What is License Classroom Real Estate School?

License Classroom (LC) is an online real estate school focusing exclusively on coursework for Texas real estate agents. They offer pre-license packages, SAE packages, and the Continuing Education (CE) that agents need for subsequent renewals.

If you've checked out License Classroom reviews already, it's worth noting that until this year, License Classroom was an affiliate of an online training company called 360training. As of 2023, they're transitioning to a different curriculum.

In other words, any existing reviews are based on the 360training coursework that is no longer available through License Classroom.

License Classroom's curriculum is temporarily available until TREC is finished with their review and approval. But once it is back up and running, the courses will differ from those from past reviews.

Luckily, you can still find License Classroom's previous curriculum through Agent Campus.

What is Agent Campus Real Estate School?

Agent Campus is the nationwide real estate training arm of 360training. The parent company has over 25 years of experience providing online regulatory training for various industries throughout the country.

Agent Campus offers real estate training from coast to coast, including pre-license, SAE, and CE courses in Texas. They have a long relationship in good standing with TREC and a large variety of classes that you can begin today.

Agent Campus vs License Classroom Review: Texas SAE

Here's an overview of the differences between Agent Campus and License Classroom's SAE offerings:

SAE Offerings

Agent Campus

License Classroom

Start today?

Temporarily Unavailable

Curriculum options

Pick 3 of 6 topics

3 mandatory topics

Available Topics

Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Finance II

Marketing I: Building a Real Estate Practice

Marketing II: Negotiation Techniques

Real Estate Appraisal

Real Estate Investment

Property Management

Immediate Availability

If you're trying to start your SAE training immediately, the choice between Agent Campus and License Classroom is an easy one – License Classroom's courses are not available right now. Agent Campus's courses are approved and ready to go.

Topic Choices

While License Classroom can (or will) offer everything you need to meet your Texas SAE requirements, you won't have any choices in the subject matter.

TREC requires 90 hours of SAE. License Classroom only has three 30-hour SAE courses, so you'll need to take all three to fulfill your requirements.

Meanwhile, Agent Campus's 90-hour SAE package includes six 30-hour courses. You can choose any three that interest you.

See the table above for topics.

Relevance to Early Career

Agent Campus's courses primarily focus on topics fundamental to a new salesperson's success, like negotiation techniques, how to start your real estate practice, relevant laws, and how brokerages are run.

License Classroom courses may be less helpful to an agent's early career. Like Agent Campus, they offer a helpful brokerage course, but the other studies focus on appraisals and investments.

Neither of these topics will contribute directly to your initial success like Agent Campus's curriculum can.

Recorded Proctoring Solution

Texas requires all SAE final exams to be proctored by a neutral third party to avoid cheating. For most online providers, you must schedule an in-person exam time with an eligible proctor.

But Agent Campus offers a Recorded Proctoring Solution (RPS) that allows you to take your final exam online, from home, and on your schedule. You need a camera, microphone, and internet connection.

License Campus had online proctoring when affiliated with 360training. That will no longer be the case with their future curriculum.


90-Hour Texas SAE Standard Package

Renew your Texas sales agent license with our tailored SAE package. Enroll now!


Introducing our exclusive package tailored specifically for your first sales agent license renewal in Texas, as required by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). For your first sales agent license renewal, the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) requires 90 hours of Sales Apprentice Education (SAE). They also require adding the 8-Hour Texas Legal Updates course or the 6-Hour Broker Responsibility course if you have been made a supervisor by your broker. If you need your SAE...

Details ->


Agent Campus vs. License Classroom Review: Texas Continuing Education (CE)

Texas requires 18 hours of continuing education for license renewals after SAE.

People without supervisory responsibilities (most salespersons and some brokers) need:

  • Texas Legal Update I (4 hours)
  • Texas Legal Update II (4 hours)
  • Contracts (3 hours)
  • 7 hours of approved electives

"Supervisors" need a 6-hour Broker Responsibility course that replaces most of their elective hours. This requirement applies to anyone that sponsors sales agents, acts as the designated broker of a business entity, OR acts as the delegated supervisor of one or more licensees.

Here's an overview of the differences between Agent Campus and License Classroom's Texas continuing education offerings:

CE Offerings

Agent Campus

License Classroom

Start today?

Temporarily Unavailable


2 salesperson packages

1 supervising broker package

1 salesperson packages

1 supervising broker package

A La Carte

Mandatory courses

+ 20 electives

Mandatory courses

+ 11 electives

Immediate Availability

As with SAE, License Classroom's continuing education courses are temporarily unavailable, so if you're looking to start your courses immediately, Agent Campus is the way to go.

Topic Choices

Agent Campus and License Classroom offer the four mandatory courses licensees may need (three for non-supervisory agents). Still, Agent Campus has a significantly more extensive variety of electives to choose from – almost twice as many.

Additionally, Agent Campus offers one extra course package that can fulfill requirements for non-supervisory licensees.

Generally speaking, Agent Campus will provide a greater degree of choice. However, it's a good idea to check out the options from both providers and see what interests you.

Individual Course

Texas Legal Update I (2024-2025)

Learn about recent updates, changes, and addendums to Texas laws and regulations.

Individual Course

Texas Legal Update II (2024-2025)

Consider ethical requirements and concerns you'll face as you practice real estate.

Individual Course


Fulfill new CE requirements and learn about the legal use of contracts.


In Sum: Agent Campus vs. License Classroom

If you're looking for courses to help you renew your real estate license in Texas, both License Classroom and Agent Campus will be able to help you meet SAE or CE requirements. They're TREC-approved, with courses and packages that fit the bill.

In the short term, License Classroom's curriculum is temporarily unavailable, and they've recently changed it. This means that License Classroom reviews won't reflect the curriculum you'll be getting in the future, while Agent Campus is a known quantity with a long history.

Agent Campus also has an enormous course catalog for both SAE and CE. You'll be able to choose the topics that interest you the most, and the SAE courses will be more likely to help you navigate your early career.

Plus, if you're a brokerage looking to offer courses to your licensees, Agent Campus's parent company, 360training, has a business solution that License Classroom can't match. You'll get bulk discounts, a free LMS, personalized guidance, and access to a large catalog of other regulatory courses, from OSHA to HR to professional development for new managers.

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