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Listing Presentation Tips: Sell More, Sell Better

Stafford Aslam February 28, 2018 0

Sell More, Sell Better

The real estate business can be fickle. Most new real estate agents quit during their first two years, usually because they are not prepared for, or even fully aware of, the rigors of the industry. Therefore, when they receive their first listing assignments, they have no plan or idea for how to proceed.

It is important for new agents to spend some time identifying their unique value proposition. Everyone has their own, unique skill sets. You need to determine what makes you better and / or different from your competition.

Experienced agents know that success in real estate often turns on how effectively you make your pitch. Click To Tweet As a seller’s agent, you can convert more leads and grow your business by creating excellent listing presentations. Following is a list of tips which can help you sell more, sell better, and become a premier real estate agent.

A Personalized Pitch

Create a customized listing presentation for your agency. Incorporate your visual branding – logo, fonts, color scheme – and business details, such as contact information, client list, and your agency’s background.

The key to success here, as in most businesses, is creating and delivering the right message to the right audience. A generic presentation, therefore, will hurt more than help your business. Identify your niche audience, and tailor your listing presentation according to their needs, likes, and preferences.

Their Needs First

It is important you know all of your seller leads’ needs and preferences. Understand their situation completely so you can create a truly resonant real estate listing presentation. Find out if the seller has a particular timeline or special requests and / or conditions.

For example, they may insist on selling the property in its current condition without making any repairs.

You should also research the property and its history completely. The data you will want to collect includes but is not limited to:

  • Total Acreage
  • Total Rooms
  • Square Footage
  • Year Built
  • Number of Previous Owners
  • Any Updates, Renovations, and / or Modifications

Once you have all necessary and pertinent information, you can incorporate it into your listing presentation and your marketing plan for the property.

Information Analysis

Real estate leads are captured today through a range of methods, both online and offline. They may not always be good leads but one way to identify a high-quality lead is through how much information they give you.

Some leads, for example, will offer only their full names and email addresses. While they are not necessarily bad leads, you want the ones who share extra information, such as preferred price point, listing date, selling timeline, and the property’s stellar attributes.

Data and Comparisons

Your listing presentation can enhance your credibility and authority as an expert in the business. Collect important data from government sources, the local tax assessment office, and your area’s REALTORS ® Association, and incorporate it into your presentation.

The figures you can add include comparable home sales, selling and / or listing prices, and any other information which helps a seller make informed decisions. For comparable properties, try to include data such as size and notable features to provide your leads with a solid comparison.

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