Posted On: January 31, 2023

LMS for Compliance Training: Top Learning Management Systems (2023)

What is Compliance Training?

Compliance training teaches employees about the laws, regulations, and industry standards that affect their job and how and why it's essential to comply.

Businesses of all sizes, in all industries, need to develop internal policies to follow a specific set of rules – whether those rules are mandated by the government or required by an accreditation organization with which the business wants to associate itself. Often, a written policy document is necessary for compliance with these rules.

However, a policy isn't worth the "paper" it's written on if the business doesn't train its employees to comply.

Standard compliance training courses for employees of all industries will include sexual harassment training, employment law for managers, and occupational safety and health training (like OSHA).

Specific industries will also have compliance training topics, like HIPAA for the healthcare industry or financial compliance for the banking industry.

Since this type of training is so crucial to the well-being of any business, many organizations choose to use compliance training software – like a compliance LMS – to schedule and track course completion.

What is an LMS?

To understand an LMS definition, first, you need to know what the acronym stands for. LMS stands for Learning Management System.

What is a learning management system?

It's software that helps you assign, deliver, manage, and track your organization's learning needs. These days, an LMS is often focused on managing and delivering various eLearning courses. Still, most of them also provide mechanisms for tracking different forms of online and in-person learning opportunities.

Sometimes, descriptions of LMS include content creation. Some learning management systems have an authoring component, but it tends to be very basic.

LMS software tends to be divided into two major categories: corporate and educational. Educational LMSs can serve students from K-12 through college and grad school. Corporate LMSs are designed for employees' needs, skills, and compliance training.

What Features Make a Good LMS for Compliance Training?

Since most compliance training varies by department and role, it's helpful to have a compliance LMS where you can register learners for courses based on groups. All the better if this is something you can automate.

Due dates for course completion are essential to ensuring compliance training for employees is completed promptly. It's also beneficial for the platform to have automated notifications and reminders.

You'll also want robust and customizable reports to monitor progress and your compliance training goals easily.

The platform you choose also needs to conform with common LMS standards like SCORM, which allow course completion information to be communicated with other systems.

What are the Best Learning Management Systems for Compliance Training?

360training's LMS

If a comprehensive library of off-the-shelf compliance training is high on your wish list, you don't need to look further than 360training's own learning management system. We don't just have an enormous compliance training library – we can also provide you with the means to manage your training program.

Your organization will get the use of our LMS for free when you choose 360training for Business. It's feature-rich and perfect as an LMS for compliance training:

  • It's cloud-based and secure, so your employees can complete their compliance requirements in the office, working from home, or on the road.
  • You can create personalized learning paths tailored to a team, role, or individual. You can also save time with batch enrollment for users and courses.
  • You have access to advanced reporting to help you ensure compliance. You can build custom reports, send reminders, and track course progress and completion.

In addition, it's also easy to deliver and manage our courses with your internal LMS. Our dedicated 360training account executives can help you determine which of our diverse system integration options will work best for your business – whether that's SSO, AICC, REST API, or plugging into your HR system.

If you want a third-party LMS but haven't settled on one yet, you'll find a few training compliance software options you might want to consider below.


TalentLMS has plenty of features, excellent user support, and an easy setup. Reviewers seem to agree that smaller companies will get the best value on this platform since many seats can get pricey.

Fans of TalentLMS like the built-in communication feed to learners, customizable reporting, and the ability to host live sessions on the platform.

Integrating TalentLMS with existing HR systems can be tricky, though.

One feature especially useful in an LMS for compliance training is automating certification with an expiration date. This allows administrators to automate yearly mandatory compliance training without any ongoing effort.


EdApp provides value for the price, and even the free version is worth looking at. The platform also includes an authoring tool that users seem very happy with.

User registration is a recurring sticking point, though. Individual (as opposed to group) registration is impossible, user groups are often said to be confusing, and registration permissions are restricted to admins (not managers).

One EdApp feature handy for compliance training software is their Brain Boost. It lets you set up the spaced repetition of key learning concepts so that the most crucial compliance objectives stick.

LearnUpon LMS

LearnUpon LMS is well-rounded in essential features, with a constant stream of improvements in the pipeline.

Reviewers appreciate that it's simple and intuitive, that managers can register their direct reports for courses, and that gamification elements can be included on a department-by-department basis to support each team's unique needs.

If you need help making the right choice for your business, contact our account team to learn more about the 6,000+ courses we have available and how 360training for Business can help you achieve your training goals.

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