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It’s Not All Glitz and Glam: Top Features of a Luxury Home

Editorial Team December 3, 2013 0

features of luxury home

Big swimming pools and gilded doors often come to mind when we think of luxury homes. But what really sets luxury homes apart from other types of homes? Found below are some of the key features of a luxury home:

Elevators. Elevators that open its doors directly to a room are one of the most popular features of luxury homes. Remember that scene in Mr. Deeds where Adam Sandler moves in to his uncle’s—well, newly inherited—NYC apartment? It’s like that, but in a really big house or mansion.

Wine Cellar. Including this on the list may be a bit of stereotyping, but it’s true—most luxury homes have a built-in cellar, usually in the basement or in a room near the entertainment room or dining area. Owners who are beer or liquor hobbyists and have a sort of mini-distillery are sure to have a wine cellar as an extension of said distillery.

Personal Fitness Center. Most luxury homes are equipped with a gym. Well, because luxury homes are too big to navigate and are usually excluded from most communities, home owners would have to bring the gym to them instead of going to the gym.

Outdoor Kitchen. There has to be an outdoor version of everything when it comes to a luxury home. With so many outdoor space in the house, an outdoor kitchen will make it convenient for home owners to cook for guests especially during outdoor barbeques and dinner parties. Note, however, that the outdoor kitchen in question is no ordinary kitchen, but one that is equipped with refrigerators and storage areas, high-tech grill, a bar, a sink and the whole lot.

Ready to finally buy a luxury home? Make sure to inspect the quality of the features of the luxury home that you’re eying to purchase. Remember that while square footage is a deciding factor when buying a luxury home, you should also make sure that the luxury home’s features are worth every dime of your hard-earned money.

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