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Make Your House a Smart Home in 2018

Stafford Aslam March 13, 2018 0

Smart Home

What if you could automate your entire home via a single network? We are not just talking about smart devices. Clocks, doorbells, window blinds, heaters, appliances – everything can be programmed to be self sufficient in the 21st century.

This phenomenon is called IoT or the Internet of Things and is a major component in automating homes across the globe. However, the trend can be costly and confusing to the uninitiated. There are a number of things that have to be considered to make a home smart.

It’s not a simple DIY project that you can complete just by strolling down your local supermarket. Most of the smart devices on those shelves come with a few obstacles that the average homeowner has to overcome. For one thing, they need an excellent internet connection. Secondly, many of them use unique programming language that can create issues with connectivity.

If you want a smart home in 2018, you need 2 things first that can solve most of the abovementioned issues. These include:

The Network

The first step in automating a home is to ensure it has a robust network to rely on. Contrary to popular belief, a smart home is not 100% wireless. Click To Tweet The best connections are hardwired. Any smart device you get to make your home smart will need direct internet connection and power which is going to be inconvenient with a wireless connection.

In fact, all WIFI connections that are installed will be wired at their access points. Those wires will be connected across your home to ensure every area gets signal coverage. If you have poor coverage, the devices powering your smart home will work erratically.

A typical router does not have the capacity to connect with all of the devices that power a smart home. By investing in business-grade networking equipment, you can eliminate lag and any other issues that can dumb down your home so to speak. Besides a high quality router, this also includes wired access points and a network switch that your local cable company cannot provide.

Choose a Hub

The second thing you should buy for your smart home is a Hub such as Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. These are all field generals or the center of your network that connects every gadget in your smart home. The best thing about these is that they can be operated via voice command directly and without the need of an app.

There are a number of Hubs you can choose from. Brands such as Amazon, Google, Apple etc launch new solutions regularly in a bid to be the platform of choice for homeowners. Each of these organizations have come up with their own Hubs which can support all smart devices and act as foundations for your smart home.

Amazon’s Alexa for instance has more than 10,000 skills which can be connected to Echo products to reach the farthest corners of your home. Similarly, Google’s Assistant is powered by Google search which means you can get answers to almost any queries you have. Apple’s Siri is programmed to work with home accessories by transferring data between them for maximum reach.

All of these Hubs can be operated via Android devices making them accessible 24/7. They also set a standard for every smart device you may want to buy to make your home smarter since not item may work with the Hub you have.

The bottom line is if you want to have a smart home in 2018, you need to do your research. Start by picking  a Hub that can connect with your choice of smart devices and  go from there. An easy way to figure that out is to examine the devices you use right now and allow them to guide your needs.

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