Posted On: November 17, 2022

When is National Bartender Appreciation Day in 2022? 

In the U.S., there are over half a million bartenders. National Bartender Day is a holiday that was created to celebrate all the talented bartenders out there, so why not show your appreciation to these fantastic bartenders this National Bartender Appreciation Day? 

Apart from the various skills necessary to craft the best cocktails, bartenders must also possess great people skills, like friendliness and communication, to offer excellent service. They can make you feel comfortable and, at times, offer great laughs and build trust.

In this post, we'll tell how you can show your appreciation this National Bartender's Day. 

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When is National Bartender's Day? 

The first Friday of December, which is December 2nd this year, is National Bartender Appreciation Day. The day is observed in early December because bartenders are the busiest from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve, making it a perfect time for them to feel extra appreciation.

National Bartender Day was founded in the U.S. by Sailor Jerry Rum in 2011 to spread recognition of this special day worldwide. Their supporting argument is that bartenders don't just mix drinks; they also offer conversation to customers and make them feel cared for.

Bartender Appreciation Day celebrates the efforts of bartenders and honors them for the excellent service they provide. Sailor Jerry once said, "here's to the men and women who give up their late nights out so that we can have ours. Who make our drinks, pour our shots, and give us our nightly meal of nuts and pretzels. We honor their hard work and their unwavering patience. Without them, we would be out on the street or, even worse, stuck at home." 

History of National Bartender Appreciation Day

Bartending has a long history, going back to Roman, Greek, and Asian societies, where they had public drinking houses that served as social gathering areas. Before the 15th century, bartenders were typically female innkeepers or alehouse owners who produced their own alcoholic drinks.

Taverns later became popular gathering spots for professionals and writers, and bartenders enjoyed a high social status. Eventually, bartending spread to the New World across the ocean.

The American bartending industry underwent several changes in the 19th century, with bartending developing into one of the most reputable and lucrative industries across the nation.

Then, prohibition outlawed the sale, use, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol in the U.S. throughout the 20th century, and the country's renowned bars were replaced. 

Following the repeal of prohibition, bars and cocktail lounges began to emerge throughout the U.S. 

How to Celebrate Bartender Appreciation Day

Here are five ways you can show your favorite bartender extra appreciation this Bartender Appreciation Day: 

Visit Your Favorite Bartender

Pay a visit to your favorite bartender and let them know why they are your favorite. Share your appreciation for their great work and watch them smile.

Show Gratitude

Show your appreciation and gratitude to the bartenders you meet on this day, in any way you prefer. Leaving a bigger tip than usual goes a long way, as around 55% of a bartender's income comes from tips. You could also offer to buy them a drink. 

Be a Responsible Customer 

Make a bartender's job a little bit easier by being a responsible customer. 

You should: 

  • Order a cab when appropriate 
  • Avoid being a disrespectful and obnoxious customer
  • Obey the rules set by the bartender and bar

This makes a bartender's job easier while keeping you safe.

Try Something New 

Head to your local bar to try a new cocktail. Mix it up with a new drink and taste something you've never experienced. 

Test our Bartending Skills

Feel like staying in? Be your own bartender by mixing a new drink at home. You can find endless cocktail recipes online with a simple Google search. 

Thanks to all the bartenders, barkeepers, mixologists, alcohol servers, and bar chefs who provide excellent service and even better drinks. Happy National Bartenders Day!

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