NERC Compliance FAQs

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The North American Electric Reliability Corporation “assures the effective and efficient reduction of risks to the reliability and security of the grid.”

What is NERC Compliance?

  • NERC has an approved Reliability Standard to sustain its mission
  • NERC implements the protocol to analyze, scrutinize, evaluate, and inspect to assess compliance with its Reliability Standards.


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What is NERC Enforcement?

NERC mitigates the violation of Reliability Standards

NERC imposes sanctions on any confirmed violations

Any entity found to be in violation of standards must

  1. Submit a mitigation plan for approval
  2. Approved plans must be immediately executed

Who Must Comply?

The compliance is necessary for all bulk power system

  • Owners
  • Operators
  • Users

What is Organization Registration?

  • NERC recognizes and registers bulk power system owners, operators, and users
  • These entities must register via the authorized Regional Office
  • Registered entities are obligated to adhere to Reliability Standards

What is Organization Certification?

NERC enforces and supervises compliances with its standards for the purposes of

  1. Reliability Coordinators
  2. Transmission Operators
  3. Balancing Authorities

These 3 functions must be certified to meet the standards

NERC Compliance Courses

NERC compliance courses are designed to further your training and education is certified to provide you continued education

The completion of NERC continued educations maintains the validity of your Organization… Click To Tweet

The completion of NERC continued educations maintains the validity of your Organization Certification


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