New Miner Compliance Guide

Posted On: February 16, 2017
New Miner Compliance Guide

The mining industry is filled with challenges and dangers unique to the industry. That’s why the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) requires all surface miners to follow Part 46 regulations and complete necessary safety training. But MSHA’s training requirements can be a bit confusing for workers who are new to mining operations:

  • Who needs training?
  • When must it be completed?
  • What kind of training is required?

To help you stay on top of these compliance procedures, our latest blog takes a closer look at MSHA Part 46 training regulations:

Who must comply with MSHA Part 46 regulations?

Miners who are engaged in “shell dredging, sand, gravel, surface stone, surface clay, colloidal phosphate, and surface limestone” mining operations must follow the training and re-training guidelines specified in MSHA Part 46.

What is the new miner training program?

MSHA requires all new surface miners to complete at least 24 hours of mine safety training within 90 calendar days of being hired. Note that 4 hours of this occupational orientation must be taken prior to working on the site. After completing the initial 4-hour training, the new miner may begin working at the mine—as long as an experienced miner is able to observe his or her performance accordingly.

Who must complete MSHA Part 46’s new miner training?

A worker must complete the new miner training program if:

  • The worker is starting employment as a miner.
  • The worker has not completed 24 hours of the new miner training before.
  • The new worker is not considered an experienced miner.

Which subjects are required and when must the training occur?

MSHA specifies 9 mandatory subjects for the new miner training. Specific topics must be covered before working on-site and within 90 days of the hire date:

Before a new miner begins working:

  • Introduction to the mining environment
  • Hazard recognition and avoidance
  • Emergency medical procedures and escape/evacuation plans
  • Health and safety aspects of the tasks and procedures
  • Statutory rights of miners
  • Line of authority and corresponding responsibilities
  • Rules and procedures on hazard reporting

No later than 60 calendar days after working:

  • Usage and maintenance of respiratory devices
  • First aid methods

No later than 90 calendar days of working:

  • Balance (if any) of the 24-hour training as indicated on the Part 46 training plan

Hands-on practice under the “close observation of a competent person” may be credited to fulfil the remaining 24 hours of training. Additional training may be needed, depending on site-specific hazards. For complete details and other exemptions to the rule, click here. MSHA Surface Miner Training

Does MSHA Part 46 require classroom-based training?

There are no specific requirements to deliver the new miner training in a classroom environment. The most effective form of training will most likely include a combination of classroom, on-site, and interactive online training methods. Start your mining career on the right path. At, you’re just a few clicks away from learning the ins and outs of surface mining.

Our web-based MSHA New Miner Training package meets the initial training requirements specified in MSHA Part 46. Learn anytime, anywhere—as long as you’re connected to the internet! Contact us for more information about our convenient MSHA training solutions. 

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