Posted On: February 7, 2018

Bartending License NYC: How to Get Your ATAP Bartending License

New York State has numerous pubs, taverns, and bars. New York City is awash with these public hot spots. New York bartenders are required to be fully trained in a variety of bartending skills. Alcohol Training Awareness Program helps students studying for bartender certification become more knowledgeable in how to identify underage bar patrons attempting to purchase liquor in various forms.

New York: Alcohol Training Awareness Program (ATAP)

This is a program offered under the auspices of the New York State Liquor Authority, Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control. There are five reasons why every New York Bartender needs ATAP training. These include:

  1. Stop underage drinking
  2. Stop sales and service to intoxicated persons
  3. Provide a safe environment for patrons in licensed establishments
  4. Preserve community welfare, as well as health and safety
  5. Increase awareness of New York licensing and liquor laws

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New York ATAP Certification (Off-Premises)

Enroll in our New York off-premises alcohol training awareness program (ATAP).

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New York ATAP Certification (On-Premises)

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5 Reasons Every New Yorker Needs ATAP Certification

Stop Underage Drinking

In Manhattan nightclubs and taverns, very often underage drinkers appear older. For New York bartenders, this means greater scrutiny of patrons’ forms of identification proving their age and knowing New York laws regarding underage drinking.

New York state statistics show each year 1700 college students die from alcohol-related "unintentional injuries," such as car automobile accidents and alcoholic poisoning, as well as suicides and homicides. With greater alcohol training awareness, bartenders help reduce injuries and death by quickly identifying a potential problem. In addition, students studying for ATAP alcohol certification are provided with examples of risks of liability to bar owners.

Stop Sales and Service to Intoxicated Persons

A student in Bartending School is trained to make visual judgments of intoxicated persons attempting to buy alcohol. They are also trained to know how to manage demands to be served by intoxicated persons.

A bartender must comply with established rules of the bar facility regarding when to refuse service to an intoxicated person. New York State "Dram Shop Laws" regarding serving intoxicated persons exhibiting loud, vulgar, or stumbling behavior may result in liability to owners, bartenders, and hosts.

Provide a Safe Environment for Patrons in Licensed Establishments

Whenever alcohol is served, it can change the personality and judgment of intoxicated individuals. In order to protect patrons and provide an environment free of accidents and/or violence by intoxicated persons, comprehensive training covers methods that teach students how to quickly identify a potential threat or problem between patrons and who they should contact.

Preserve Community Welfare, Health, and Safety

Alcohol Training Awareness Program does more than provide instruction in the daily operation of establishments where alcohol is served. Students learn how to help preserve the community in which the establishment is located and the health and safety of surrounding businesses and residences.

Increase Awareness of New York Licensing and Liquor Laws

There are variables in New York Liquor licenses and state and federal liquor laws every student must know in order to achieve certification. ATAP Training online is one of the most convenient ways for bartenders to reach higher levels of knowledge and proficiency in.

Getting Your New York ATAP Training

If you want to acquire an ATAP certification in New York, you need to sign up for the course first. Our New York ATAP Alcohol Seller Server Training program has everything you need to remain on track and clear the quiz at the end.

All of the Learn2Serve courses on the website are certified and will provide you with the knowledge you need to be a responsible seller or server of alcohol in the city. The NY ATAP On-Premise and Food Handler package provide students who work in restaurants and other establishments that sell alcohol an overview of food safety issues and regulations.

This also includes an overview of how to be a responsible seller and server as per the law and how to handle food correctly. The best part is that the course is completely online so you can take it at your leisure and according to your own schedule.

Plus the main objective of the course is to raise awareness of programs such as ATAP in the US by providing sellers and servers the knowledge they need to deal with complex situations. This includes preventing sales to underage customers and tapping out inebriated customers to prevent drunk driving incidents Before they are allowed to sell or serve alcohol on or off-premise, businesses have to make sure that their managers and servers are ATAP certified before they are hired.

This course can help you maintain a tight ship in this regard and ensure your establishment sells alcohol responsibly. Once you complete the course and pass the exam at the end, you can print out your ATAP certificate and ensure you remain safe from violations.

Frequently Asked Questions about New York ATAP

  • What does ATAP stand for? It stands for Alcohol Training Awareness Program.
  • Who should take this training? Every seller or server of alcoholic beverages in New York has to take this course. The certification protects them in the event of an alcohol-related incident and it also makes their resume stand out since it is approved by the Empire State Restaurant Association.
  • What are the main differences between an on-premise and off-premise course? The on-premise certification is for any pub or restaurant or establishment that serves alcoholic beverages and which is to be consumed on the premises. This also includes hotels, private parties, and festivals. Off-premise certification is for any business that sells alcohol by the bottle or in cans that are taken off premises to be sold or consumed somewhere else. This includes grocery stores, gas stations, liquor stores etc.
  • What are the requirements for ATAP certification? When you enroll in a program you have to provide your date of birth, address, social security number, email address etc. You also have to be 18 years of age or older to serve and sell alcohol on-premise and off-premise.  If you want to renew your certification, you need to take the course again and pass the exam after every 3 years.
  • Who needs ATAP certification? Everyone in New York who sells and serves alcohol has to take this course. Besides servers, this also includes managers, bartenders, business owners, and cashiers who work in grocery stores that sell alcohol.
  • How will I benefit from ATAP certification? There are a number of benefits you can get by getting an ATAP certification. According to the NYSLA or the New York State Liquor Authority, you can get a reduced charge with a violation of the certification you have comes from an accredited training program.
  • What is the passing score? You need to clear the quizzes with at least a 70% score to move forward to the next lesson and to get credit for completing the course.
  • When do I get my certificate? Once you have successfully completed the course, you will get a certificate immediately. The certification will last for 3 years after which it has to be renewed with a re-examination.
  • Can I take the course online? Yes you can and it can be taken on any system since the course is based on servers. So you can also use any browser to access and complete it.

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