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A Glimpse of What’s to Come: Top Materials Used in Our Next Generation of Homes

Editorial Team December 13, 2013 0

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Going eco-friendly is all the rage for the past couple of years, and more and more people are recognizing the aesthetic and functional value of using eco-friendly materials for their homes. Besides, not only are eco-friendly and re-purposed materials equally sturdy—they are also cost-effective and serve as a testament to your commitment to sustainable living. Inspired by House Logic’s listicle, we came up with top eco-friendly home features that are sure to crop up in many homes in the future.

Re-claimed Wood. The use of reclaimed wood is a hot design trend right now— and you know it’s true when Google search results say so. According to an article published by the South China Morning Post (SCMP), more and more designers are using reclaimed wood sourced from shipwrecks, old US railroad cars and even felled Balinese village houses to create anything from floors, walls to bar stools. Designers prefer old wood too more for the beauty of its patina and pedigree—which are both hard to replicate in new wood, according to Parsons Professor Brooks Atwood in her interview with the SCMP.

Solar Panels. A decrease in installation costs has made solar panels and energy systems become more common in households, according to Zillow.com. Installing solar energy systems still isn’t exactly cheap, but more homeowners are definitely seeing the practical and cost-saving benefits of doing it. What’s also good about having solar panels installed is that it adds up to your property value, especially if you want to resell it.

Weather Shelters. House Logic stated that bathrooms that double as a weather shelter against tornadoes are likely to become a staple in residential homes more in the near future. We couldn’t agree more, considering the aftermath of a recent string of tornado events that ripped through the Midwest last month. Weather shelters are really a must-have for every home.

Energy Monitoring Systems. Fourth on last year’s green home trend on Buildipedia.com, energy monitoring systems have definitely come a long way from coming in the form of programmable thermostats to full-range monitors that allow users to control energy use in real time. Buildipedia lists GE Nucleus, The Energy Detective (TED) and eMonitor as leading examples of said energy monitoring system.

McGraw-Hill Construction and the National Association of Home Builders forecast that about 38 percent of US homes will be green by 2016. The two entities also revealed in a report that consumer spending on green home features will amount to $114 billion from a mere $17 billion. We’re thrilled to see these updates materialize in coming years.




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