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An OHSMS or Occupational Health and Safety Management System is meant to ensure that health and safety standards are maintained in the workplace. These aid businesses in consistently improving their safety and health compliance policies and standards. By doing this, OHSMS ensure a safer work environment that can protect workers and prevent debilitating workplace accidents.

An OHSMS or Occupational Health and Safety Management System is meant to ensure that health and safety standards are maintained in the workplace. Click To Tweet

Some of the common benefits that an OHSMS offers businesses of all sizes include the following:
  • Ensuring that there is a safe work environment for all employees in a company
  • Reducing workplace injuries and fatalities via preemptive measures that can help business owners save money on medical expenses and increase insurance premiums at the same time.
  • Improving the company’s image as a responsible entity
  • Offering measurable criterions that can help businesses meet legal obligations and avoid hefty fees.
There should be clear cut responsibilities in an organization that wishes to maintain an OHSMS and especially when it is being implemented. Coordination across departments will ensure smooth transitions and make employees feel included.

Role of top management

If there is no commitment at the topmost levels of a company that wishes to implement an OHSMS, no health and safety policy will work. Top management is responsible for ensuring that workers have a safe workplace to come to and ensure that there are enough resources to maintain it. This includes making sure that health and safety policies are not violated and implementing effective strategies to prevent this. To ensure compliance across verticals, the management’s role should include the following:
  • Ensuring that enough resources are available to maintain the safety and health program
  • Determining the status of the OHSMS in the business to maintain its integrity
  • Figuring out the responsibilities and accountabilities for the program among personnel
  • Coordinating plans and following up on them
  • Determining performance and making necessary changes
  • Responsibilities of Management
  • Management should be responsible for the following tasks:
  • Carrying out tasks that are detailed in health and safety policies in the OHSMS
  • Ensuring that those policies are implemented correctly.
  • Determining risks pertaining to health and safety and consulting professionals to mitigate them
  • Ensuring that all risk control measures are monitored on a regular basis and standards are maintained as well
  • Ensuring that workers are consulted when changes are to be proposed in policies, workplace practices and other procedures that may impact their health and safety.

Responsibilities of Supervisors

Workers who are tasked with supervisory roles should have the following responsibilities:
  • Ensuring that they carry out their roles as per relevant health and safety policies.
  • Ensuring that health and safety procedures are being implemented correctly in areas which they control.
  • Ensuring that the personnel who they are responsible for have all of the information and instruction they need to do their jobs safely.
  • Ensuring that risks are controlled in areas which they are responsible for and those are monitored on a regular basis.

Introduction to OHSAS 18001

A safe workplace is the right of every employee and employers are legally obligated to ensure they have nothing to complain about on that front. By implementing an effective OHSMS or occupational health and safety system, your business will remain safe from violations which can lead to hefty fines and even jail time in case of fatalities. This system can help you create policies that can be integrated seamlessly into existing business operations without compromising your bottom line. Introduction to OHSAS 18001 by 360training is based on OHSAS 18000 specifications and can teach you all you need to know to create appropriate policies. This includes ensuring that the business remains in compliance with legal requirements without compromising progress. 360training is a leading provider of adult based online training programs and e-learning courses that have been designed by professionals and industry experts. All of them are involved with associations and leading schools that are accredited institutes. Sign up for the course today and take it online whenever you want. That way you can adjust it into your busy schedule and get the training you need to create effective health and safety policies. Complete the course and get the credentials you need.  

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