Online Teaching or Course Authoring: Is this the Career for You?

Posted On: May 10, 2016

Are you an industry expert with insider knowledge? Perhaps you have an important skill, one that others wish they had. If so, try becoming an online teacher! You can teach others valuable information and do it right from the comfort of your home. To make the process even easier, consider course authoring.

Here, you simply need to create a course and then let users take advantage of it. How can these opportunities work for you? 

What is the Difference between Online Teaching and Course Authoring?

Online teachers work in the same capacity as traditional classroom-style teachers. Teachers connect, talk, instruct, and work with students over the internet. There is still a great deal of flexibility, but the standard teaching style remains.

This option is ideal for those who want to teach and interact with students on a regular basis. By contrast, course authoring provides an opportunity for you to create a course on the material you wish to share.

Then, this information is placed in the hands of the student who learns at his or her own pace. Little interaction between teacher and student takes place--if any. However, this is one of the most important trends and developments in eLearning today.

It allows students to learn key skills at their convenience, and often, in a far less-structured setting. It’s a win-win situation for both the author and the student—as they take advantage of the associated benefits of this new opportunity.

How can You Earn from Course Authoring?

There are many tools and platforms to create an engaging, in-depth, and useful course for interested students. In just a matter of clicks, you can seamlessly create a classroom, on-demand, or webinar-style course. Then, you can distribute and sell the course—where you can earn as much as 30% for on-demand courses and 50% for classroom courses.

Can You Teach Online? Can this Become a Career for You?

You know your industry and your likely student base. Is there a long-term need for the information you want to share? If so, there is going to be a demand for the courses you offer (every time someone wants to enter this field or learn something new).

Perhaps you are in an industry that is growing and developing rapidly, such as coding or app building. In this case, you can easily continue to improve your courses, so they remain as cutting-edge as possible, creating long-term benefits. People will always need the information you offer, especially as new students learn online.

By some standards, this type of education is aiding people in re-starting a career later in life, improving knowledge for current career paths, gaining information for hobby building, and launching new interests in students. There’s a need for it and you can boost your earning potential in the long run.

Create Online Courses Now

Take a moment to think about the knowledge you have. Would people pay for that knowledge? Do you want to share it and earn money as well? If so, then sign up as an author. The core package is free of charge—so you’re just a few clicks away from publishing your online course!

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