What is OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Training?

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The OSHA 10 hour General Industry training program is designed for entry-level construction workers. The course is meant to increase their awareness of common hazards on work sites via an introduction to basic OSHA principles that apply to them.

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Besides OSHA policies, students also get to learn about procedures that are part of safety standards in the general industry. This includes prevention methods and work practices that are that are covered by OSHA 1910. The course is meant for project supervisors, foremen and safety managers who are involved in the construction business and who are responsible for safety on site. However, entry level workers are also encouraged to take this course since they are supposed to comply with general industry standards as well.

OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Training by 360Training

The OSHA 10 Hour training program by 360Training covers 10 hours of instruction and can be taken online. On completion students can download their completion cards from the website before their DOL card arrives in 6 to 8 weeks. Main course objectives include:
  • Increasing awareness of OSHA safety standards and resources
  • Increasing awareness of employer responsibility and worker safety
  • Understanding hazardous substances and the injuries they can cause
  • Understanding general requirements of safety standards in the workplace
  • Understanding OSHA inspection standards and processes.
  • Dangers of electrical hazards and the importance of personal protective equipment or PPE.
  • Importance of safety programs.
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