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Posted On: December 26, 2017
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Georgia is among the top-performing states in the US when it comes to real estate. Much of its success is driven by the Peach State’s high-performing economy, which has seen a decline in the unemployment rate over the years, alongside an average job growth of 1.5%. Georgia has been so successful that the state also ranks as the ninth best economy in the country. Over a 3-year period, the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta metro area has experienced a population growth of 4.9%. This, coupled with the growing job market and workforce in the area, promises stable times ahead as far as the property industry in the state goes. With the median value for a home standing at $157,800, and a consistent forecast of rising prices, it is one of the best times to be a real estate agent in the state. Therefore, if you would like to pursue a career as a real estate agent in the Georgian market, here is all you need to know.

What are the qualifications for getting your real estate license?

General Requirements

Like many states, Georgia has specific requirements for individuals who plan to apply for or renew a Georgia real estate license. The commercial real estate course is 36 hours and 3 of those 36 hours must include the topic of “Law License” mandated by the Georgia Real Estate Commission & Appraisers Board. There are certain qualifications required to apply for a Georgia real estate license. These include:
  • Passing a background check through Georgia Crime Information Center
  • Must be 18 years of age
  • A lawful U.S. resident
  • Provide documents such as a driver’s license, U.S. military ID card, U.S. Passport, US Permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration Receipt Card, a U.S. Certificate of Naturalization, U.S. Citizenship, or a U.S. Certificate of Naturalization.
  • Successfully complete 10 quarter hours or 6 semester hours of coursework in real estate or real property, agency, or contract law from U.S. or Canadian accredited college, university, or law school
  • Proof must be submitted to Georgia’s real estate regulatory agency that courses are state-approved
  • Official transcripts should be provided to the testing agency AMP for approval
  • Successfully complete a 75-hour pre-license real estate course for agents with a grade of 70 or higher
  • Pay a $115 exam fee prior to taking the exam

Course Requirements

The pre-license course will take the most time. You can take your pre-license courses at a brick-and-mortar college or university, but many busy people find online training programs to be much more convenient and flexible. In-person 75-hour pre-license courses can run around $385 to $450. You can find online pre-license courses, such as the courses available through, for between $190 and $270. A pre-license salesperson course will likely cover the following topics:
  • Real Estate as a Career
  • Real Property Rights
  • Characteristics of Real Property
  • Land Use
  • Easements and Liens
  • Real Estate Math
  • Agency and Brokerage Relationships
  • Listing Agreements
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Basic Contract Law
  • Types of Contracts
  • Sale Contracts
  • The Selling Process
  • Deeds
  • Title Insurance
  • Environmental Issues
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Leasing and Property Management
  • Real Estate Valuation
  • Appraisal Steps
  • Escrow and Settlement Process
  • Closing Basics
  • Fair Housing Laws and Americans with Disabilities Act
  • License Requirements and Maintenance
  • License Law Violations
  • Trust Accounts and Advertising

The Georgia Licensing Exam

It is important to learn everything you can about the exam, process, rules, and the testing center beforehand. The testing company, AMP, provides a candidate handbook for license candidates that includes:
  • Examination administration guidelines
  • Exam scheduling guidelines
  • Exam rules
  • Exam content outlines
  • Sample questions
  • Scheduling and registration procedures
The examination consists of two portions — the national portion and the Georgia salesperson portion – but the questions will appear in random order. The national portion contains 100 multiple-choice questions and the Georgia portion consists of 52 multiple-choice questions. You will have four hours to finish the entire exam. The candidate handbook provides exam content outlines that tell you exactly what is on the test and how many questions per topic. Topics include:
  • Agency Relationships and Contracts
  • Real Property Ownership/Interest
  • Finance
  • Real Property
  • Marketing Regulations (purchase and rental)
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Calculations
  • Georgia statutes governing the licensing and activities of licensees

Test Taking Tips to Help Prepare for the Exam

Here are some exam tips to remember:
  • Read the question carefully, multiple times if necessary, to ensure you know exactly what it is asking.
  • Think of the correct answer before looking at the answer choices. Then read each answer choice.
  • Eliminate choices that are obviously incorrect to narrow it down.
  • The positive answer is more likely correct than a negative choice. The longer answer, within reason, is often correct.
  • Don’t automatically avoid “none of the above” and “all of the above.”
  • Figure out words you don’t know using common prefixes, suffixes, and word roots
  • Look for grammatical clues. For example, subject/verb agreement and “a” vs. “an” may hint at the correct answer.
If it’s possible, answer the questions you’re confident about first and then go back to the ones you skipped and guess the correct answer via the process of elimination.

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Prepare emotionally and physically to take the exam. Signs of anxiety include sweating, increased heart rate, and shortness of breath. This can sabotage you, leading to poor concentration, confusion, and negative attitudes. Avoid negative self-talk that can distract you. Practice breathing and muscle relaxation techniques before the test. Visualize yourself in a room full of people with a proctor watching. Knowledge about the situation can help you relax. Once your application to sit for the examination has been approved and you have successfully completed the examination, you are eligible to receive your license on the same day you pass the examination. So, ready to get started? The first step to getting your real estate license is to enroll in an approved pre-license course. There are lots to choose from, but the smart choice is, a trusted provider of online training. Enjoy fast, self-paced courses all online and interactive. Enroll today.

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