Phrases You Should Have on Your Resume

Posted On: September 21, 2017
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Chances are, your resume isn’t as great as it could be. Maybe it’s time for a makeover. You have all the skills, education, and experience lined up. You just need to describe it all in the most flattering light.

Or, you can check these ways to improve your job search. HR managers read tons of resumes. Over half spend only 2 minutes reviewing resumes. They know all the cliches. Stock resume phrases make their eyes glaze over or they just skim over your resume without a second look.

Here are some tips for revising your resume:

  • Strong verbs like “managed” or “led” instead of “responsible for.”
  • Achieved” is one of the most popular words with employers
  • Word such as “trained,” “mentored,” and “managed” are also effective
  • Use specific descriptions of the things you accomplished with numbers if possible. Avoid vague, boring words and corporate platitudes
  • Certain phrases can communicate specific skills and an overall theme, such as
  • Negotiated situations effectively
  • Provided constructive feedback
  • Delegated task
  • Provided well-thought-out solutions
  • Executed multiple tasks at once
  • Allocated resources appropriately.
  • Gathered information and assessed situations
  • Achievements instead of “experience working in.” Use active phrases that illustrate what you did rather than passive ones about something than happened to you.
  • Show that you are hardworking or detail oriented instead of telling them
  • Include tangible examples of your awesome skills. How would your experience and successes help this employer?
  • Tell stories about success and collaboration, the types of teams you worked with, and how you succeeded.
  • Career summary of your achievements and background.

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