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Popular Real Estate Apps That Are Trending

James clark August 23, 2013 0
Popular Real Estate Apps That Are Trending

A real estate career is one of the most enjoyable career paths nowadays that continue to keep up with the technological advancements of the society. With the development and introduction of latest mobile applications and gadgets, the real estate community has also adapted on it and is putting behind old management files and office equipments and items, replaced with high-tech devices packed with applications that give agents what they need anytime and anywhere – at their own convenience.

With the use of these devices like smartphones and tablets – agents can access their files with the use of file and document management apps. They can even access real estate training courses. Some popular websites also have started developing and offering their own apps for free to help realtors get a dose of what they can do to them as they go towards their success.

In an effort to share realtors who are not yet familiar with popular apps in real estate, below is a list of these applications and the reason why you should consider downloading it on your smartphone or tablet.

1.    MagicPlan – an app developed by Sensopia, it allow users to take pictures of a house or any property and easily creates measurements and floor plans from the images taken. Great tool for rehabbers and sellers of a property.
2.    JotNot Scanner – this app by MobiTech 3000 LLC allow users to scan receipts, documents and other important files easily through their device and send it via email. It is good for all types of agents and even home buyers who want to always have a copy of an important document or receipt.
3.    LoopNet – by loopnet.com, this app allow users to get the latest updates on properties that are currently listed for sale – specifically commercial properties in the market.
4.    Google Drive – this app allow users to store and sync copies of their documents from their computers to their tables or smartphone of up to 5GB. This helps agents to access important documents whenever they are.
5.    CardMunch – works like business cards and can act as your contacts list. This app significantly enables users to network their professional profile to other agents, buyers or investors in the market.
6.    Zillow, Trulia, Realtor and Redfin – these names sure rings a bell, because these are among the well-known real estate groups that are bringing the real estate community the best of marketing ideas, techniques and tools for success. Their apps mainly allow users to get an update on the latest MLS listings in the market. They also have several distinct features that become their strengths against each others. Having all of them on your tablet or smartphone surely helps you a competitive edge among other agents in the market.

These are only among the most popular and used real estate apps in today’s market. Existence of these apps does not mean they are the only ones that you can rely on. It only means there are also other apps online that you can download for free or paid that will surely help you in your needs as a real estate agent.

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