Maintaining A Positive Impression As A Restaurant Manager

Posted On: May 30, 2018
positive impression restaurant manager

When people want to determine if a restaurant will make it or not, they look to the food manager running the place first. Here are some things that you should never do as a restaurant manager if you want to maintain a good impression.

What NOT to do as a Restaurant Manager

Close Too Early

If you stop serving diners as soon as the clock strikes 9 pm, you will lose a lot of sales from workaholics and night owls who need a quick bite.

Keeping the kitchen open after ours can pay off in the long run especially from millennials who will visit more if they know they are always welcome at odd hours. A special low-cost happy hour menu can help you in this regard.

Berate Staff in Front of Customers

A restaurant is like any other business and as its manager, you need to ensure your staff members, as well as patrons, feel comfortable there. Be soft-spoken even if you are telling off an employee but don’t do it in the main dining area.

The professional way of handling this is to take the offending employee to your office and figure out what went wrong. Yelling will only make employees feel resentful and embarrassed especially if you do it in front of diners. If you make a scene, chances are you won’t see some diners again.

For example, if one of your busboys is late for his shift, rather than berating him in front of diners, wait for them to leave at the end of the day and then speak to him in the kitchen alone. That way you will be in a calmer state of mind and come up with a solution.

Ignore Complaints

Every restaurant gets the occasional complaint. Ignoring them will only harm your credibility and they will only keep piling up till you cannot manage them. Complaints are good since they highlight what you should improve in your establishment.

Ignoring complaints will make you lose business and forget about retaining a loyal clientele. Deal with issues as they arise so your customers know that their concerns are being taken seriously.

Remain in the Office

It might be tempting to remain in your office especially if you have to process payrolls and manage inventory. However, besides servers, you also need to see to customers and help out from time to time. Simply going up to each table and asking how customers liked the food will be enough.

Ignore Trends

A successful restaurant keeps up with the times and this includes food/customer trends that can result in more sales. That is not to say that you should swap out all items on the menu to keep up with them. Rather than discarding best sellers, keep them and just one or two items that are popular in other restaurants or diners prefer. That is one of the ways avocado-based dishes became so popular.

Be Late

If you expect your staff to come to work on time and don’t take days off, you need to make sure you follow those rules too. Your employees can become resentful if they are supposed to do things that the manager gets away with all because they don’t have your influence.

As a restaurant manager, you should set a good example for them to follow by turning up on time every day. That way your staff will follow your lead willingly. Dissatisfied staff can affect service which is just bad for business. Food Safety Manager Training

While experience can help you become an efficient restaurant manager, you still need to undergo training that can help you maintain it. For one thing, you cannot run any food-based establishment if you aren’t certified for it.

Our Food Safety Manager Training program is designed to help students learn all that they need to know about the food and restaurant business. This includes food safety issues, rules, and processes that can help them maintain a safe food environment and prevent illnesses. Doing so can help you lower costs and increase your restaurant’s reputation significantly.

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