What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Power Plant Operator?

Posted On: May 22, 2018
  • Operate power-generation equipment and machinery during
    • regular operation
    • maintenance
    • emergency repair processes
  • Monitor meters, gauges and control boards to
    • verify operational parameters
    • modify the following according to specified processes and power grid settings
      • distribution
      • generator output
      • voltage and electricity flow


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  • Use analog and digital informational displays and tools
    • to see operative variables
  • document information precisely into logs and databases
  • Supervise machinery displays to
    • regulate faults or substandard performance
    • commence repair protocol if required
  • Operate power engines and equipment to
    • ensure reliable operation
    • schedule repairs and maintenance
    • fulfill varying supply and demand
  • Monitor standard safety procedures and authorized policies to
    • certify appropriate usage of equipment
    • reduce risk of harm to property and injury to employees
  • Attend training courses and programs to
    • become better at job performance
    • obtain professional certifications and licenses
    • promote and maintain safety and health
    • retain certification obligated by organizational and government laws
  • Correspond efficiently to promote teamwork and manage tasks
    • encourage strong and reliable intra-team communication
      • managers
      • engineers
      • repair technicians

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