What is the Process to Becoming a Real Estate Agent?

Process to Becoming a Real Estate Agent So what is the process to becoming a real estate agent? Although it varies depending on your market, these prerequisites are often similar from one place to another.  In summary, there is always a threshold for age, as well as a standard for the pre-license education requirements.  Most importantly, candidates are always required to pass the real estate exam administered by the state they wish to work in. Here’s a closer look at the prerequisites for becoming a real estate agent. The Basic Agent Requirements, You need to have legal residency in the United States to get your real estate license in any state. The minimum age requirement is 18 years old in most states, although there are a few that require you to be at least 19 years old to get your license. When it comes to your formal education, requirements are minimal in most states. Almost all will require that you have either a high school diploma or a general equivalency diploma (GED). But, there are also a small number of states that will require some formal education beyond high school to get your real estate license outside of the already mentioned pre-license education. Pre-License Education to Become an Agent, If you’ve met all the basic requirements in your state, you can then move on to your pre-license training, that covers the basics of becoming an agent. Each state requires a distinct number of pre-license training hours before you can apply to get your real estate license. There are states where you can apply for your exam after as little as 20 hours of pre-license training, but some of the strictest states require you to take over 200 hours. Pre-license training used to require you to attend classes in person but now you can do so online with flexible, at your own pace training. One major benefit of doing your realtor training online is that if you’re motivated enough and you work hard, you can actually complete it much faster. With pre-license training in the classroom, four hours in the classroom equals four hours towards whatever your state’s requirements are. With online pre-license training, you may be able to finish a four-hour unit in two-and-a-half hours. Even though you spent a shorter amount of time on it, it still counts as four hours towards the requirement. Pass the Real Estate License Exam, After you’ve put in your hours of pre-license training, some states require you to complete an exam through the school you attended. In those states, you must have a passing exam score to qualify for your official state license exam. It’s important to understand your state’s application and exam process, because this will allow you to take your license exam shortly after you complete your pre-license training. Some states require you to pass a background check or get your fingerprints sent to your state’s real estate commission. There is also a fee to take the official state real estate exam.  The exam will likely cover both national real estate topics and real estate topics specific to your state. If you pass the exam, you’ll be closer to becoming a real estate agent. The last step is to get hired under a real estate broker. Once you do that, you can then practice real estate! In almost all states, you’ll need to work for an established broker for a certain amount of time before you can set out on your own.

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