Why Should Real Estate Agents Start Blogging?

Real Estate Blogging

Blogging? What’s in it for Me?

Marketing is a necessity of modern times; the real estate industry is no exception. These days, professionals from all walks of life have to strategically market their brand, product or organization to generate leads, position their brand, and cut marketing costs. The Internet is an amazing, highly customizable marketing vehicle that can efficiently reach specific yet varied target audiences and future home buyers. Establishing a web presence establishes your brand. Real estate agents in the 21st Century cannot take blogging, comment posting, and content generation lightly.

Boost Organic SEO Results

Generating rich, specific content for your realty blog allows your clients to easily search for your blog. When specific tags are added to the content, it may get a higher natural rank on organic search engine results pages. Your clients might not always be using computers or laptops to browse for real estate blogs. With the development of technology, use of smart phones has increased tremendously. Mobile phones are now capable of performing almost all the actions that PCs and laptops perform. Now search engines are promoting a different set of criteria for optimizing content for mobile friendly sites.

Does Content have to be Mobile Optimized?

You might feel that you aren’t tech savvy enough to start and promote your own blog. Some real estate agents are taking online courses that will assist them in managing their own realty blog. Another simple solution is by using basic techniques to make your blog mobile SEO optimized. Keywords always play an important role in generating SEO content, which is why you should use the AdWords keyword tool. When you enter a keyword linked to your blog and content, this tool will generate the mobile volume and computer volume. The mobile volume shows the percentage or ratio of users searching these terms through mobiles.

Combine Resources

Post content once a week or share the responsibility of generating more content for your blog. If you’re an independent real estate agent, then you can post once a week while ensuring the content follows mobile SEO rules. If you’re a part of a brokerage or a specialized real estate team, then each member of the team can come up with content so that a single agent doesn’t shoulder the entire blogging load. Plus you can get a variety of ideas and perspectives.

Emphasize Content

Some websites and blogs mark content in such a manner that mobile users need not read the whole page to locate important content. This content is highlighted so that the user knows which information will be relevant to his or her search. When you develop content specified for mobile friendly blogs, you need not add extra content that is not relevant to the topic.


One of the most important reasons for creating your own blog is budget. Blogging is a cheap way to get your name out there, boost your brand, and attract new clients. Develop and market your business in ways that don’t cost you additional marketing charges. Controlling your marketing efforts in this way can help ensure that marketing costs aren’t straining your budget.              The top reason for blogging: cost-effective lead generation. When consumers want to find information about a big purchase like real estate, they go to the web. By starting your own blog, you can become their trusted expert and source for interesting, reliable content. Check out 360training.com’s offering of Real Estate Education courses!  

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