Real Estate Agent Job Satisfaction

Real Estate Agent Job Satisfaction
If you're looking to switch careers, there are numerous options available. But have you thought about real estate? If you're reading this blog, you probably have. And there's a reason, or rather several reasons, real estate agent is such a popular career choice. Below, we're diving into the top reasons real estate agents love their jobs!

#1: Flexibility

Real estate is definitely not a nine to five job. Depending on your lifestyle and other commitments you may have, this can be a great benefit. Whether you enjoy staying up late and answering emails, or if you prefer to work before you take the kids to school, real estate allows you to create your own schedule. Real estate agents typically don't need to go into an office. Instead, they meet clients on their schedules. Agents will take clients to prospective homes, meet clients at the home they're looking to sell, or set up an open house. Plus, you can answer emails, calls, and texts anywhere there is an internet connection. However, there is some element of structure to a real estate agent's daily life. Every agent has their own regular schedule. Still, most tasks are the same—checking MLS listings, contacting clients, generating leads, and marketing their businesses. Agents are also always on-call for their clients, playing the part of a negotiator and an emotionally neutral third party.

#2: Financial Opportunity

Unlike a typical desk job, a career in real estate doesn't have a payment structure or management scale holding you back from a six-figure income. Your income as a real estate agent is totally tied to what you can sell (or help clients purchase) as an individual. While there are factors that you cannot influence, like market fluctuations and economic health, your desire to succeed, and the work you put in to achieve that success, is directly dependent upon you. If you want to maximize your earning potential as a real estate agent, make sure you choose your location carefully. You'll want to ensure the market is growing in your area so that you're set up for success right from the beginning. Also, don't forget to invest time in your marketing and lead development process. Successful real estate agents always know where their next sale is coming from and are frequently working on multiple deals a time. It's important to note that commission checks are almost always higher when they're from the sale of one of your clients' homes, as opposed to helping a client find a home. Your pay is also highly dependent on the brokerage you've paired yourself with.

#3: Career Advancement

Getting your real estate license doesn't mean you can only be an agent or salesperson. You can advance your career even further and become a broker. The prerequisites to become a broker vary from state to state, but generally, you will need a few years of experience as a real estate agent, as well as additional hours of specific training. Once you become a broker, you can hire additional real estate agents to represent you. Then, you will take a portion of each agent's commission under you, which significantly expands your financial opportunities.

#4: Fulfilling Career

Most real estate agents entered the field because of an interest or passion for real estate. If that's the case for you, then you will undoubtedly find a fulfilling career as a real estate agent. Not only do you get to spend your days browsing homes for sale, but you also get to help clients start new chapters in their lives as they purchase their first homes or move to new cities. Generally speaking, being passionate about your career will make your life happier and less stressful—and who doesn't want that?

Take the First Step To Get Your Real Estate License

Does being a real estate agent sound like it will be a fun and satisfying career? If so, take the first step by completing our pre-license training course. Sign up for your training course and get one step closer to becoming a real estate agent today!

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