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How Successful Were You This 2013? – A Self-Review Checklist for Real Estate Agents

Editorial Team October 16, 2013 0
How Successful Were You This 2013? – A Self-Review Checklist for Real Estate Agents

Early April 2013, a blog post in Trulia pointed out different ways to become successful in the field of real estate. These tips were not limited to real estate agents’ use, but are also applicable to anyone who hopes to have a very successful career in their chosen field.

As the last quarter of the year enters and another year end to come, this supplemental blog post for real estate agents will certainly point out next, the items that they should be reviewing on themselves, which will reveal how they behaved and worked effectively in the past few months as a professional real estate agent towards achieving their goals.

These, are simple self-review questions that has no right or wrong answers. So the success of using self-evaluation relies entirely on the integrity of the person. These are questions that help the person identify which part of their professional career needs improvements, or change and will let them give an insight on their overall performance.

Measuring your success means having a set of goals to achieve, and so it is where your self-evaluation questions should correspond into.

Below are 5 quick self-review questions that real estate agents should ask themselves.

  1. Were you able to set your goals, both short and long term?
  2. Were you able to achieve all of those short and long term goals? How many did you achieved?
    • If yes, how did you behaved in order to achieve your goals?
    • If not, how did you behaved that led you to not achieving your goals?
      • Were there a lot of hindrances?
  3. What were the new things that you have learned?
  4. Are you satisfied with your current status?
  5. What are your plans for next year?

Why Do The Self-Review?

Self-review questions are sometimes, tricky. Some self-evaluation has questions that are consistently repeated but differ in ways it is asked. This is to measure the consistency of the individual in answering the set questions.

But for these five quick self-review questions for real estate agents, it actually points out different timelines from which individuals can measure how well they have been in their past months and how shall they look towards the future.

The first 2 questions pertain to the individuals’ past achievements. It helps the individual get an overview of how well have they performed in achieving or not achieving their short and long term goals. It helps them summarize things they have gone through – what are they willing to do to overcome these obstacles and what were the items that kept them from achieving it.

The third and fourth question pertains to the individuals’ present time. It allows the individual to review new things that he or she has learned from his or her previous experiences, and if the individual is already satisfied with his or her current status or not. Listing down newly learned things can help the individual see how well he or she has improved.

The last question pertains to the individuals’ future plans. After reviewing oneself of their past performance and current status as a professional real estate agent, the individual must start asking the same question as he or she had during the start of the year – What are your plans for next year? What are the things that you still need to improve at? What are your new short and long term goals?

One of the best ways in planning is by reviewing what have been accomplished and not. And as for real estate agents, having a self-evaluation may help them see better opportunities in their chosen career, and that getting a real estate license is only the start of a fruitful career.

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