10 Signs that you’re a Real Estate Agent in South Carolina

Crazy hours, irregular income, and difficult clients all make real estate a challenge. Being a real estate agent requires constant hustle and improvisation. It’s hectic, rewarding, fun, and all consuming. Real estate bleeds into other areas of your life and you develop some interesting habits and collections. Would you have it any other way? Here are 10 signs that you’re probably a real estate agent:
  1. What desk? You don’t need a desk: When you’re always on the go, the passenger seat of your car becomes your desk, filing cabinet, picnic table, and coat rack.
  1. Conversations lead to real estate anecdotes: You can’t help talking about real estate; it just happens without you realizing it. Real estate agents love telling stories about that one house, that crazy buyer, that awesome deal they closed. All the time; in listing presentations, seminars, baby showers, Thanksgiving dinner
  1. You can smell a conversation about real estate from 10 feet away: Did someone say “curb appeal”? You real estate antenna is always searching for bits of real estate topics: interest rates, school districts, kitchen remodels, and property values.
  1. You’re utterly lost without your smart phone: Who needs a laptop when you have everything you need, and some you don’t, in the palm of your hand? Real estate agents conduct so much business on their cell phones, they rack up insane amounts of minutes.
  1. You’ll negotiate anything: You’re always ready, eager to make a deal. Everything’s negotiable. Dinner plans, summer vacations, Netflix choices.
  1. Your finances give you whiplash: One month you’re wondering if you’ll have to ask Mom for a loan, the next you have more clients than you can juggle.
  1. You’re a balloon connoisseur: No open house is complete without bright helium balloons. Sunday mornings, you’re wandering around suburban streets setting up signs and tying balloons while your family enjoys pancakes.
  1. And a key collector: Your keychain looks like some Medieval torture device and you have a drawer full of orphan keys next to a stack of signs.
  1. No such thing as weekends: Or leisure time. Or vacations that aren’t “working.” Client texts at midnight. Saturdays driving around showing houses. Sundays hosting open houses. Kids’ softball games spent wrangling offers and counteroffers. All in the day, and night, of a realtor.
  1. You remodel places in your head: At a nice dinner out or driving to a friend’s house, you catch yourself looking for leaks, foundation issues, upgrade opportunities, and staging tricks.
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