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What are Real Estate Agents hacks for a Good Open House?

Cara Pahoyo September 20, 2017 0

real estate agents hacks for a good open house

Some seller clients may not have the time or budget for professional renovations and stages. Luckily, there’re a few easy hacks to get the house ready for its close up.

How Do You Quickly Prepare a House?

If you’re facing a time crunch before an open house, attack each room:

  • Declutter and depersonalize: You want buyers to imagine their stuff in the house, not the seller’s. Move non-essential items and furniture into storage and remove toys and personal items from the rooms and the yards.
  • Clean everything: It may be time for a professional cleaning crew for a deep clean of everything: the baseboards, garage, shower grout, ceiling corners, kitchen walls, and all the windows.
  • Banish odors: Bad smells may be more noticeable than you realize. Hide or remove litter boxes, shampoo carpets, and spray air freshener in pet areas.
  • Reorganize: After the clutter is removed, organize cabinet contents in neat rows and stacks.

You can also check our 10 creative ideas for an open house and be creative on your experiences and resources.

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How Can You Upgrade the Curb Appeal Fast?

When the sellers don’t have the time and money for a full make over, there are a few easy things that can give the front yard an instant face lift:

  • New paint color on the front door
  • New bark mulch around the plants
  • New porch lighting
  • Prune the bushes and trees
  • Path lights
  • New mail box
  • Pots of happy flowers on the porch

How Can You Stage a Home for Less?

A full remodel may not be in the budget, but there are a few cheap hacks to stage the house like a pro:

  • Create “lifestyle vignettes” in each room, basically attractive scenes with focal points
  • To brighten the kitchen, paint cabinets a smooth white finish.
  • Update with new knobs and handles.
  • Add new decorative hand towels, dried flowers, and candles.
  • To jazz up a drab master bedroom, invest $100 on a luxurious new comforter set. Hang sheers or drapery behind the bed.
  • Slap a fresh coat of neutral paint on walls with scrapes or oddly dark or harshly bright colors.
  • Create natural traffic flow by rearranging furniture so important features are not blocked
  • Ensure each room has a distinct purpose.
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