Secrets to Maintaining a Successful Real Estate Career

Posted On: September 20, 2018
Real Estate Broker
What is the secret to real estate career success? It certainly involves the 3 Ps: Passion, Preparation, and Perseverance. Success depends largely on how much you get out there prospecting for leads and going the extra mile for your clients.

Success depends largely on how much you get out there prospecting for leads and going the extra mile for your clients. Click To Tweet

Top producers have accumulated knowledge and experience after a few years in the business, but that alone doesn’t automatically equal success. It’s what you do with that knowledge and experience that makes the difference. Take a look at some of the secrets to real estate career success.

Local Knowledge

Real estate is local, so successful agents strive to learn more about their areas. They track all the crucial housing trends, demographic data, county politics, and local events. Top agents are also extensively involved in the community because they know it’s a valuable method for networking. Clients and consumers rely on agents for their knowledge of the local market. Top producers establish reputations as experts in the local real estate market and tailor their business and property marketing to the local culture, tastes, and customs.

Efficient Systems

There are so many processes involved with every transaction, you need smart systems to keep it all straight. Top producers have set up systems for everything they do and adeptly use the latest technology and devices to make them run smoothly. When you’re operating a mobile office on the go, fully-loaded mobile devices are crucial. All the technology and tools available allow busy agents to do more, market more, and sell more. Leverage technology to communicate quickly with clients and agents, manage documents and processes, and maintain systems. Secrets to Maintaining a Successful Real Estate Career

Rock Star Assistants

Top producers don’t do it alone. They hire skilled assistants to take on roles such as Listing Manager and Closing Coordinator to handle correspondence, scheduling, marketing, and other tasks that don’t require a real estate license. This frees up the agent to focus on things like prospecting, lead development, listing presentations, and negotiations

Excellent Communication

An invaluable factor to real estate career success is the agent's excellent verbal, written, and visual communication skills. Top producers with this trait are awesome salespeople with an instinct for promoting themselves, their listings, and their clients’ offers. Top producers also quickly respond to questions from clients, customers, and other agents. Converting leads, negotiating deals, and closing transactions depend on timely communication. Delays can result in lost leads and sales.

Know Your Audience and Your Market

Top producers know what their clients and customers want and need because they’ve studied their target audience and their markets. Whether it’s email marketing, listing copy, seller presentations, or staging, successful agents know the most effective approach because they’ve done the research. Go where your target market is, in real life and online, to get to know them.  This will improve your marketing efforts and your client and transaction management skills.


Top producers are top producers because they have a steady flow of clients and sales. That takes a lot of time and hard work. They have spent many many hours networking and prospecting over the years. Make it a habit to develop opportunities to find and connect with the people who can help you grow your business. Look to plant the seeds that will later grow into leads -- every day. Top producers are always expanding their knowledge and leveraging technology. One way to do both is completing your prelicense training, CE, and professional development with These self-paced, interactive courses are online so you can conveniently access quality training whenever wherever you want.  

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