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Real Estate Marketing Ideas That Actually Work

James clark May 25, 2015 0

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Far too many real estate agents fall into the trap of relying on old fashioned marketing methods. There are many fresh and modern effective real estate marketing strategies. A real estate agent’s focus should be squarely on the customer’s needs. Take the spotlight off yourself and use marketing opportunities to show customers how you can help them. Let’s take a look at some of the best contemporary real estate marketing methods.

Go Mobile With Social Networks

If you have not established a presence on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, you are missing out on some fantastic marketing opportunities. The best part about marketing on social networks is that it requires only a bit of time and effort. You won’t have to plop down thousands of dollars to reach customers through these online mediums. Use your smartphone to update your social media accounts and reach out to prospective clients while you are on the run. Also, establish a website that can be used on all different types of mobile devices to maximize your exposure.

Automate and Outsource Your Content Marketing

While it is important to establish a meaningful online presence, constantly updating your social media accounts, website and e-mail has the potential to eat up your time. Professional writers and designers can be relied on to create high-quality marketing content on your behalf. There are all sorts of affordable online marketing content services like Scripted, Contently and OutboundEngine. There are also handy tools like Flipboard and Zite that help you find relevant content to share on your social media accounts.

Build an Extensive E-mail List and Fine Tune Your E-mail Strategy

The vast majority of real estate business is acquired through repeat client transactions and their referrals. One of the best ways to stay in touch with your former clients is to send out periodic e-mails. Never ease up on your attempt to build as large of an e-mail list as possible. Consistent e-mails keep your name in front of clients and help you capture leads. So, don’t shy away from asking current clients and prospective clients for their e-mail addresses. Consider outsourcing your e-mail content to professional writers who can develop relevant industry content that will spark your readers’ interest. You can always add your own personal touch to these messages before sending them.

Let Them try Before They Buy

Purchasing a new home or a plot of land is a significant investment. We test drive cars before we purchase them, so why not do the same with real estate listings? While it might seem a bit unconventional, many real estate agents have had remarkable success by letting prospective buyers spend a couple of nights in the home that they are eyeing. Convince the current homeowner to spend a few nights away from the home. Sometimes, this is done by establishing an Airbnb account. In other instances, the real estate agent handles all of the logistics and details himself. Also, always make sure that you are available for open houses and home walk-throughs as well. If a prospective client can see and touch the home that he could potentially live in, he will be much more inclined to close the deal. The truth is that plunking down the money that takes to buy a home involves a lot of emotion. A prospective buyer who spends some quality time on the property will likely establish an emotional connection and make a competitive offer.

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