Real Estate Marketing Tips to Live By

Posted On: April 24, 2018
Real Estate Marketing Tips

The real estate market is quite competitive so in order to stand out as an agent, you need to leverage both online and offline resources. The main aim should be to create marketing strategies that can help you capture a large audience and then choose clients you can work with. Multiple offers sounds better since you will always have other clients to fall back on if a deal falls through. Here are some marketing tips that can help you attract more clients:

Create content that has value

As a real estate agent your main aim should be to focus on your clients and specifically their needs. This includes the time between transactions.

Just posting one property after another and sending them emails will not help. You need to share valuable content that they can use to buy or sell their properties in the market. Click To Tweet

The content they receive should also be shareable to increase your exposure among potential clients. This way your business and service will remain at the top of their mind whenever they decide to invest.

Harness the power of social media

Chances are most of your clientele is on social media and use it to search for listings. As a real estate agent or broker, you can also take advantage of it by meeting them on those platforms. However, that does not mean that you should start posting listings there. These don’t provide market value as such for anyone who isn’t in the market for a property. However, you can share market information that they can use to capitalize on investment opportunities or share personal insights they can use and how they can use them.

Write an eBook

This is a unique multi-channel marketing medium that can be downloaded easily and require little to no investment from consumers. As an experienced agent, you can offer your expertise on a number of topics and create books out of them that you can sell online. However, while drafting and eBook, make sure that you don’t just sell your products or services. It should be about something that your target readers will find valuable and which you are knowledgeable about. That way your readers will see you as an expert on the topics you cover and may also likely visit your website later on. A simple CTA or call to action at the end of the book should be enough to compel them to contact you for services. This will be beneficial for you if you plan on giving out free eBooks in the beginning.

Follow up with clients

A transaction does not end your connection with a client. As a professional real estate agent you need to remain in touch with past clients regularly so that your services remain top of mind. Even though many people may not want to buy or sell property regularly, when they do you will be the first agent they think of. You can keep in touch with them by sending them email newsletters with valuable information. That way they will be more likely to remember when they need your help again. Another way you can do this for free is to give them a call to thank them for their business. Sending a small holiday or birthday card that isn’t related to the sale will also work wonders.

Consider professional photo staging

Staging and professional photos are crucial in this business since the first impression usually counts with buyers. So if you want to attract attention, have good pictures taken of the interior and exterior. However, before that, remove the clutter and have the home professionally staged to make a good first impression. A home that does not look lived in and is picture perfect at the same time will attract more buyers to showings. This will increase your chances of a profitable and fast sale. Remember, the longer the property is on the market, the less value it has.

Real Estate Continuing Education

As a real estate agent you will eventually need to complete your CE credentials to maintain your license. When that time comes sign up for’s Real Estate Continuing Education. The classes have everything you need to know about the current state of real estate and professional development.

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