Real Estate Marketing Tools That You Can Use

Real Estate Marketing Tools That You Can Use Your only have two hands and you can’t be in multiple places at once. You’d need a flock of personal assistants to get everything done. Every day, you’re herding seller clients, buyer clients, appraisers, cooperating brokers, and promising leads. Thankfully, there is technology to make it all possible. You’ll likely have lots of marketing ventures operating at the same time, so you need an array of online tools to keep it all running smoothly while you provide quality, one-on-one service to your clients. Take a look at some of the tools available to set up effective marketing elements and manage it all like a pro.

Your Web Site

Your Web site is your home base. It’s where all your information, listings, content, and multi-media lives. Placester can help you create an effective, multi-dimensional real estate web site. Browse design templates and find one that fits your style and personality. Placester also offers CRM and email marketing tools. Other web site building providers include Wix and uKit.

Your Blog

With your blog, you’re going to show off your knowledge and expertise with helpful, shareable posts. Wix will also help you start your blog, offering templates, advanced SEO features, promotional tools, and photo and video galleries. WordPress is the go-to platform for beginning bloggers, sporting customizable blog themes, widgets, and social features.

Your Social Media

You’ll use social media to connect with colleagues, clients, prospects, and fans, as well as promote listings, events, and your must-read blog posts. A Facebook Business Page is a great way to increase visibility, communicate with prospects, and manage your brand identity. Also include property search apps to help clients and customers find what they’re looking for. Other apps to consider include an About Me, Expert Tips, and Newsletter Sign Up. Your second social media tool has to be Twitter. Tweet about news, listings, special offers, and open houses. Post ads, gain followers, and drive traffic to your web site. Everyone is on Instagram, so you’ve got to include it in your marketing plan. It’s a fun way to draw attention to beautiful houses, unique features, and in-demand neighborhoods.  Visual storytelling is a powerful method for showcasing listings and sparking interest. People use Pinterest to plan big events, comparison shop, and collect beautiful images. Why not get attractive exterior and interior property photos in front of millions of users? So, now you have all these social media accounts buzzing, but how do you manage it all? Buffer allows you to schedule, publish, and analyze your posts the smart way with one app.

Listings Photos and Videos

Buyers start their house search online, so putting attractive property photos front and center is a key element of your marketing plan. Eye-catching photos and videos can bring dry listing data to life and get customers interested in your properties. No need for an expensive, professional camera. Use the Photoshop Express app to take and edit photos like a pro, then post them on listing pages and share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Use 360 Panorama for panoramic photos of room layouts and spectacular views. Create comprehensive virtual tours with iMovie, then edit and share everywhere. Or broadcast live video of property listings and events with Periscope.  Use YouTube for virtual tours, web blogs, and buyer/seller guides. Then, all of this great content should be added to and Zillow, the top sources for property searches.

Open Houses

As a busy agent, you simultaneously juggle multiple listings, and that means lots of open houses. Open Home Pro is a prospect registration tool you can use to generate sign-in sheets, collect client data, create property pages, and schedule follow-up emails. With AM Open House manage your open houses with one app, which includes digital sign-in sheets and automated follow-up emails. Collect and share information after the open house. Want to track prospective buyers, create open house reports, and gather visitor information? Try Casmy Realtor.  Customizable open house reports can be branded and sent to sellers, buyers, and other agents.

Your Client/Lead Database

Your online and IRL prospecting efforts will start generating lots of leads and opportunities, but a paper address book or spreadsheet isn’t going to cut it when you need to organize it all. Use to gather and manage prospect information, sync social media accounts, and share listing photos with leads. Collect personal details like client birthdays and stay up to date on your follow up. Manage your address book, control your contacts, and organize social media connections with FullContact, a cloud-based address book. Zoho Contact Management is easy-to-use CRM software that allows you to track leads and set up email marketing campaigns, plus it has scheduling, collaboration, and tagging features and integrates Facebook and Twitter. As you can see, there are a variety of tools out there to create and manage every aspect of your real estate marketing campaign. The great thing about all this portable technology is that it frees up more time for you to focus on what’s important; your clients.  Exploring a career in Texas Real Estate? Find everything you need to get started today right here.

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