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Real Estate Tips: Using Thanksgiving at Your Advantage

Editorial Team November 18, 2013 0
Real Estate Tips: Using Thanksgiving at Your Advantage

The “Thanksgiving day” is a day for everyone to thank all of the fruitful things they have achieved or received and days they have experienced, all of the trials and failures they have undergone in their lives and a lot more. Definitely, people will celebrate on this day with their friends, families and relatives as they share their gratefulness. It is also good time of the year for real estate agents to review themselves and look back at their successful marketing strategies and plan.

But in the midst of celebrating thanksgiving, real estate agents can also use this opportunity to build rapport with their clients and network with them effectively. One of the best and cheapest thanksgiving gifts that realtors could give to their clients are Thanksgiving Greeting cards.

These greeting cards could act as your indirect business card, but agents should be careful in over-advertising their profiles on these greeting cards. Remember that the primary aim of these greeting cards is to extend your greetings on thanksgiving with other people. An intelligently, placed contact info and your name would be a very big impact to those who will receive your greeting cards.

You can also try to insert open house dates on these cards with an aim to give these clients or prospects an idea of the events where they could participate in case they are looking to buy a new home. Greeting cards could also act creatively as brochures, or flyers.

Other than “Thanksgiving day”, there are also upcoming holidays that real estate agents could leverage to their advantage by doing some soft real estate business. Focusing on the positive on holiday seasons can surely enhance your strategy and network of people in the industry.

Meanwhile, for those real estate license applicants that are currently seeking for affordable ways to earn their licensing credits at their state – 360training.com currently offer a 20% Thanksgiving discount in selected real estate pre-licensing courses. What are you waiting for? Enroll now!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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