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Video Presentations and Webinars Becoming More Effective in Real Estate Marketing

360training.com January 13, 2014 0
Video Presentations and Webinars Becoming More Effective in Real Estate Marketing

There have been many changes in the way agents gather prospective clients and strategizes their real estate marketing plan – and that includes the use of modern technology and social communities online.

When you attend open houses, other agents usually use power point presentations at the start of the tour to welcome their clients and explain important details about the house. Some online listings also use video presentations to showcase the property to their prospects online.

These days, video presentations serve more than that.

It now serves as a way for real estate agents to explain efficiently and effectively almost everything about real estate. Instead of talking for more than an hour just to explain things regarding real estate, for example – the home buying process or on how to get a mortgage – these videos will do the work, and all that’s left for agents are to answer questions from clients who has something to clarify further.

Webinars are also another way that real estate agents could conduct group seminars and presentations via the Internet- especially when their clients are from distant places and are looking for properties to invest or buy in other places. Making use of today’s modern technologies has been very effective and is receiving positive feedback from most people that experienced such service. In Texas, it has been one of the newest, most effective means of using the Internet to serve your client .

Time and Energy Saving

The use of real estate video presentations and webinars are time and energy saving. Instead of going over and over every time you talk to clients, you can just present or give them a copy of your video or the webinar.

You can also make use of these videos to educate other home buyers or investors about the real estate industry. Clarity and accessibility of these videos and webinars also adds to its advantage – that is why more and more customers and clients prefer this kind of service.

It could also act as a portfolio for real estate companies and agents that allow them to get the attention and attract more prospects. Some realtors, instead of content writing, creates video blogs and upload it to their channels like YouTube and gather many views from online users.

What the demands are is what agents should have. Getting ahead of others is a huge competitive advantage against those who haven’t embraced the trend yet, making it your chance to benefit from it as early as possible.

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