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Realtor Responsibilities Concerning Environmental Hazards

James clark August 12, 2013 0
Realtor Responsibilities Concerning Environmental Hazards

If you are a home buyer, certainly, you already know what home inspection is and why is it important before closing a real estate transaction. You and your real estate agent may have worked on it already and have relatively found out either several repairs on the property or nothing at all – which is a good thing since you can escape the expenses that it would cost you.

Part of the inspection where the livability of the property and its location is checked is the environmental condition and hazards that may be present inside, outside and the surrounding of the house.

Will this house make the people live on it sick? Are there items inside and outside the house, or in the surrounding that may cause health problems in the future? Are there any items that the prospect home buyer should know about the location? These are some of the questions that should be answered, and is a responsibility of an agent to disclose such information to the buyer.

Real estate agents are responsible for this and they also need to be educated about the environmental issues that concern property locations. But exactly why do they need to study it?

New York RE environmental hazards can dramatically affect home and land value. Buyers and sellers are the ones who are directly affected by it because they all depend on the valuation of the property to see whether it is worth pursuing to buy or sell. It could also directly or indirectly affect local markets in the state and therefore, affect its whole real estate industry.

What are the Common Environmental Hazards Found at Homes?

There are actually a lot of these elements that may cause health problems if no precautionary measures are made as early as possible, but let us list some of the most common hazardous items found at homes.

•    Asbestos
•    Radon
•    Lead
•    Hazardous Wastes
•    Ground Water Contaminations
•    Formaldehyde

Environmental inspection has always been a very important process that should be undertaken whenever buying or selling a house is involved. It concerns not only the value of the property when appraised, but also the health of the people who will live on that house. If ever you are a home buyer and in the process of entering a real estate contract, be sure to be provided with complete details about the property, including environmental reports as much as possible.

On the other hand, if you are a seller, be sure to be able to disclose such sensitive information to clients whom you think are really serious into buying the property. You can also share this kind of information to other clients but in a way that will not disinterest them to the property.

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