Three Reasons Nobody Cares About Your Real Estate Facebook Page

Social Media in Real Estate Is your real estate Facebook page suffering a slump? When a Facebook page for real estate doesn't quite attract a steady, reliable volume of traffic, experts point out to these three simple and manageable reasons why:
  • Ineffective link to a Facebook page
  • Unattractive Facebook page content
  • Indistinct contact information
Ineffective Link to a Facebook Page.

One secret that savvy Facebook users are not telling you is how important it is from a business standpoint to encourage other Facebook users to want to know more about your brand. Click To Tweet

 While this step usually begins with networking with other users, the real key in getting your real estate Facebook page to enjoy a higher volume of traffic is establishing who "you" are as a Facebook user. An ineffective link to a Facebook page isn't an indication nobody cares, it may simply mean that your page lacks quality and the ability to draw casual Facebook users. When you respond to Facebook posts, choose those where your real estate professional knowledge is helpful. For example, you see a post where the poster has a problem selling their home; this is a big opportunity to offer your best professional advice. Offer just enough to encourage the poster to want to know more about you. This will lead them to your real estate Facebook page. Unattractive Facebook Page Content. Facebook is a world of drama. There is nothing remotely boring about Facebook users. It stands to reason that a blah real estate Facebook page with predictable content won't get more than three seconds of attention. Remember, in terms of all social media, real estate professionals have three seconds to grab attention. Optimizing media attention is what social media is all about. The first line of your real estate Facebook page content must pass the 3-second "attention" test. This is one of the most valuable and highly attractive Facebook real estate marketing strategies. Perhaps, the use of hi tech graphics will also aid in holding Facebook page visitors attention. If you are uncertain how to do this, consider a real estate training course that includes marketing on Facebook. Indistinct Contact Information. Even real estate "rock stars" who are Facebook savvy know the dangers of indistinct contact information. In real estate Facebook marketing, indistinct contact information is a dead end for future customers. While you build up a Facebook persona that attracts users to your Facebook page and you are certain your content grabs attention, the grand finale of your Facebook dramatic performance should be clear and distinct contact information. Even if your Facebook friends want to know more about you and are not in the market to buy or sell, you still need to be sure your contact information can be used for referrals. In fact, contact information should include names of your "reference sources" and their referrals where possible. On Facebook, your real estate page can be like a tempting dessert no one can ignore when you turn those three reasons into real estate "gold." Learn more tips on how to market your brand and revolutionize your real estate marketing strategy with’s Real Estate Continuing Education. Sign up today!

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