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5 Crucial Reasons to Send Thank You Letters

Sarah Williams February 8, 2016 0


Remember how your grandma used to bug you about sending a thank you note after you received a birthday gift? It probably felt like nagging at that time, but your grandma got it right. Thank you letters are not only a polite gesture after an interview, but are also critical to your ability to land the right job. While sample thank you letters can be used as a guide, it’s also important to incorporate your own personality into each note. Here are five reasons why you should consider sending a thank you note after your interview:

  1. First and foremost, it’s the polite thing to do. In many ways, courtesy is a lost art. The idea of sending a thank you letter may not even occur to most candidates—but don’t let it stop you from showing your appreciation. By showcasing your own manners, you will stand out among the rest of the candidates. It may even impress potential employers.
  2. Another purpose of an appreciation letter is to remind the employer about your qualifications—and to keep your candidacy in the forefront of their minds. These days, the job market is so competitive in every field. There are likely dozens of candidates for every position, so you will want to take every opportunity to keep your name fresh in their minds. A thank you note shows courtesy, but it also helps you promote yourself better as well.
  3. It provides a chance for you to develop your personal brand. In your thank you note, you might want to highlight your strengths and any particular points that you made in the interview. This allows you to remind the company of the value that you can offer their organization in a polite, subtle way.
  4. It showcases that you have respect and that you know how to behave in a professional setting. Employers are not only looking to hire candidates who have the right qualifications, but those with the right personality as well. They want to have employees who understand the rules of a professional environment—and know how to behave accordingly. A thank you note is one way to show that you treat your superiors, colleagues, and clients with common courtesy and respect.
  5. It allows you to demonstrate additional skills, such as your writing skills, that can’t be proven during an in-person interview. Writing skills are critical regardless of the career field that you are in. Be sure that you craft a thank you letter that is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. Ask someone else to proofread the note, and make any edits necessary in order to ensure that you deliver a powerful and effective message.

Next time you have a job interview, don’t forget to write a personal thank you note after the fact. Great thank you letters after an interview are typically delivered within 24 hours of the meeting. It could be easy to pass off a thank you note as an antiquated and meaningless gesture, but this simple step could be the deciding factor as to whether or not you get the job.






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