What Are Retargeting Ads and How Can They Work for Your Real Estate Business?

Retargeting Ads to your Real Estate Business Have you ever clicked on an ad of a product you really liked, and then seen the exact same product on your Facebook Timeline some time later? That is the way retargeting ads work, and it is making waves in real estate as well.

How It Works

The technology depends on cookies and uses a simple Javascript code to ‘follow’ users across the web. If you place it on your business website for instance, it will follow site visitors after they leave and track their online activity and pop up in the form of ads. Also known as pixels, the code is harmless and unnoticeable to site visitors, and does not affect performance. When it lands on a user, it reports back to the retargeting provider and lets it known when to launch ads. Therefore, all of your ads will be served to your target user or those who visit your site and are interested in your services. As a real estate agent, you need as many clients as you can get when the market isn’t performing as well. By adding this code in your website, you can net the 80% of site visitors who don’t get in touch with you. Since the ads will only pop up for people who visited your website, they will be more inclined to return and follow up on their search.

Determine Your Audience

There are several different ways you can determine an audience for your real estate retargeting ads. The first thing you need to do is to create a list of people who have visited your site. This should also include a separate list for a ‘preset’ audience. These are target users who can be determined according to their search preferences and their browsing tendencies. For instance, if you plan on selling homes in an urban location, you can target visitors who are interested in interior décor or popular restaurants. Based on their search habits, you can determine the type of properties they are interested in as well as the amenities they prefer. That is faster and more efficient than taking educated guesses that will probably miss the mark.

Create Targeted Banner Ads

The bottom line is people visit your site when they are interested in investing in properties or to buy a home. Unfortunately, most of them bounce off after just skimming your offerings. Either they might only be browsing or you may not have what they are looking for on offer. However, all of them are potential clients and you can still compel them to give your service a try. That’s what retargeting ads are for. By creating and launching banner ads promoting property searches in your area, you can increase the number of leads you get. At this point, a simple home search will do since none of those leads are qualified yet. Retargeting ads can re-prime them to renew the search they abandoned on your website. Once they see your ads, they will be reminded of their initial search, and may also get in touch with you.

Increase Visit-to-Lead Conversions

The main goal behind retargeting ads is to compel visitors to return and convert to clients. To make things simpler, only show those ads to visitors who did not convert and remove those who have become leads. Click To Tweet

No one likes to be spammed, and least of all users who are already interested in your services.

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