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Get the best fit: How Do We Choose the Right One for the Job?

Rafael Flameno December 27, 2013 0
Get the best fit: How Do We Choose the Right One for the Job?

During recruitment, once we’ve narrowed down the choice of candidates for the post that we want filled, we often face the challenge of choosing between one who has years of experience, one who has attained an outstanding degree, or one who was just perfect during the interview, or one who has a number of achievements in their resume. So, who should we hire?

Of course, we don’t want to hire someone who’s not qualified for the position – that’s why we have to match the skills of the applicants with the duties and responsibilities the position entails to determine if they’re the one. Who we would want to hire is the person who is most fit for the post.

What qualities are we looking for? The right person should have a number of impressive strengths, of course, that would aid the company’s progress. It would also be an advantage, though, if he had self-recognized weaknesses. These could be seen as an opportunity, not only for the candidate but also for the company. How so? If a candidate recognizes his own weaknesses, then, as they say, knowing is half the battle. He acknowledges that he does not excel in these aspects but would be willing to develop his skills by doing his role for the post. And if a company hires a person who recognizes his own weaknesses, then this would help the company gain employee trust and loyalty by letting them know that they are willing to help employees develop their skills and build their career.

It shouldn’t always be all stars and medals. When a candidate works for a team, he works together with other people and not only for himself. Every person in a team has their own contribution to making the team, as a whole, excel. If each team member tried to surpass the work that the others have made, then this would not be considered teamwork but a competition, which should definitely not be the case. Each candidate’s professional character should be taken into consideration as a whole and not just because he had a couple of awards here and there.

To sum it all up, the right person to hire is one who has a balanced sense of professionalism, wit, strengths, weaknesses, as well as good manners, especially when it comes to relating to different people and situations.

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