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Rising Above the Bartending Bar

Cara Pahoyo November 1, 2017 0


  • Rising Above
    the Bartending Bar
  • To succeed, you need to stand out from the crowd, be something that’s different from everyone else. That’s how you create buzz and keep customers coming back to your bar again and again.

    Consistent quality in the drinks, atmosphere, and staff should go without saying, but some establishments think it’s enough to just serve average drinks. That’s not going to put you on the Best of lists. To rise above the competition, you’ve got to go beyond the drinks.

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  • Create Memorable Experiences

    Great experiences include awesome drinks, but it’s more than that. Think about everything a customer will see, taste, hear, and feel from the first second they step through your door. Give people something they can’t get anywhere else. Fabulous experiences are what people will remember and share with friends. It is what will keep them coming back.

    Friendly, knowledge staff is crucial.

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  • Quality People

    Your staff is your most important asset. They create enjoyable experiences and a sense of community in a place. Carefully recruit, hire, and train staff and keep them happy. Happy employees lead to great service. They should be comfortable chatting with all kinds of customers and educating them about various cocktails and spirits. You want people with the right personality who are enthusiastic about what they do.

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  • Go Local

    These days, even small towns have several local breweries, distilleries, and wineries to partner with and cross promote your products and events. People love supporting local businesses and they’ll be impressed when you do too. Create a signature cocktail using a local vodka or pair drinks with local farmers’ produce. Host regular tastings and events to introduce local breweries. This can be a great way to educate and create loyal customers.

    Get involved in the community and sponsor festivals and charity events. If you support the community, the community will support you.

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  • Themes

    Every bar serves alcohol. You have to offer something more, something to grab peoples’ attention. Weekly themes exploring the history or variations of popular cocktails, drinks from a particular era like the Roaring Twenties, spirts from different countries, and drinks using the same ingredients are fun ways to spark interest.

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  • Host Events

    Local clubs and groups are often looking for places to hold their get togethers. By hosting a trivia night or book club you get an automatic influx of customers, increased exposure, and maybe some repeat guests.

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  • Cocktail Class

    People love to drink yummy cocktails and learn something new, like cool skills to impress their friends. Ask your best bartender to teach a quick class on mixology. Have someone from a local distillery come in to talk about their products and processes. Do tastings for whiskey aficionados. Think up fun reasons for people to come to your bar, learn, and spend money.

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  • Creative Social Media Campaigns

    Social media is all about promotion and sharing cool stuff. Take it beyond news and events and look for ways to engage with customers. Encourage them to Instagram your beautiful décor and cool cocktails with the bar’s hashtag on menus. Use the bar’s social media pages to help the public get to know your bartenders and their impressive skills and specialties.

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  • Another great idea is online training. It’s so convenient you can complete it wherever and whenever you want. 360training.com has tons of food and beverage courses, like alcohol seller/server training, all on demand and self-paced. Enroll today!

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Be the best Bartender that you can be. Learn how to give best bartending services through people relationships paired with great service.  The slideshow above presents concepts that will help any bartender  be in his “A-game”. Here are the bartending concepts to be discussed in the presentation above:


  1. Create Memorable Experience
  2. Quality People
  3. Go Local
  4. Themes
  5. Host Events
  6. Cocktail Class
  7. Creative Social Media Campaigns
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