Safety Lab Practices: Prevent Injuries in the Workplace!

A collection of elements and minerals in a chemist lab
Basic lab housekeeping skills can prevent a number of incidents that can otherwise cause injuries or worse. Here is what you can do to keep lab workers safe.

Keep food and drinks out of the lab

  • Food and drink should not be allowed in a lab that has hazardous chemicals
  • Food should be consumed in areas that are completely separate from the lab.
  • If food is allowed on the premises, it should be kept separate by walls and doors.
  • If possible, a portion of the lab should be screened off as a ‘clean area’ for eating and drinking.
  • If the lab is large enough, a cafeteria should be made to keep food out of the area.

Dispose of all clutter

  • Clutter is a fire hazard and can cause injuries if it is not organized and kept out of the work area.
  • Keep all combustible materials such as paper and cardboard out of the lab or reduce its use.
  • Discard chemical waste in a sealed waste disposal bin. All waste should be discarded daily in a safe manner.

Use cell phones and ear buds responsibly

  • Workers should not use cell phones or MP3 players while handling hazardous material in the lab
  • Personal listening devices that require ear buds should not be allowed in the lab. Workers may miss out on important announcements and emergency alerts otherwise.
  • Workers can use radios or CD players as long as they use speakers in the lab.

Other safe lab practices

  • All infectious material should be decontaminated before disposal.
  • Reduce the production of aerosols and sprays
  • Workers should always wear personal protective equipment in the lab
These were just some of the safe lab practices that can prevent injuries or worse in the workplace. A training program will maintain those practices.

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