Should Agents Attend Home Inspections?

Home Inspections The home inspection is one of the most important steps of the house buying process. First, you need to understand why a home inspection is considered so important. Suppose after buying a home, you come across all sorts of problems with the home that might have prevented completion of the transaction. The best way to avoid being surprised by these issues is to conduct a home inspection. Ideally, as an agent, you should be present at this inspection. It’s important for both the agent and the buyer to go through the complete reports thoroughly, not just the inspection summary. Some real estate professionals believe that home inspections should be done alone, whereas some people argue that it should include the seller, the seller’s agent, the buyer’s agent, and the buyer. But what’s important is that the buyers are comfortable with it. Buyers are the ones who have to live in the house and not the home inspectors or the agents. It’s the task of the home inspector to complete a full report and disclose the condition of the home to the buyer. If you, as the agent, are not present, then you will definitely miss some of the most important points regarding home inspection, which could be used during further negotiation with the seller. Once the inspection reports have been provided, make it a point to review them thoroughly. If you are unclear with any aspects, you can ask the inspector for clarification. What should be done during a home inspection? At the initial stage, you should observe and listen carefully to the home inspector’s information and get familiar with his or her vernacular and tasks. The home inspector should welcome you to the home inspection process. As an agent, this is a great opportunity to take part in the process and educate your buyer as you move through the home. Again, you can use the inspector’s findings as negotiating tools when it’s time to finalize the contract. It’s better to meet the inspector before the inspection, so as to avoid difficulty at the later stages. Buying a home is one of the most tedious and costly decisions to be undertaken. If those involved are acquainted with each other, then it can lessen fears and tension. Bottom line: Buyers and their agents should make it a point to be present during the home inspection process if possible.  

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