Simple Fire Safety Preparation Tips

Fire Safety Tips
Fires are not something to play with. Many safety experts claim that in the event of a house fire, most homeowners have less than two minutes to escape before suffering serious health consequences. From smoke inhalation to severe burning, not knowing how to respond to fires could lead to long-lasting, life threatening health issues. Understanding a few basic best practices, home safety tips, and fire safety resources can save your life, and the lives of those around you. Something as simple as replacing the batteries in your smoke detector can ensure your safety when there is a fire inside your home. Let’s take a look at some simple things you can do to best prepare yourself and your home from irreversible damage.

Understand Basic Best Practices.

While you likely know that leaving candles burning overnight is a fire hazard, you might not be aware that keeping certain devices plugged in throughout the day can also pose a problem. You may not have any idea what lies behind the walls. Knowing some basic best practices when it comes to appliances and electronics around your house can save you from being a victim of an electrical fire. Here are some things you should practice in your home:
  • Don’t leave appliances charging unsupervised for extended periods of time
  • Only use official/original chargers and electrical cables
  • Don’t charge batteries that may appear faulty or damaged
  • Don’t cover items while they’re being charged
  • Don’t overload extension cables with multiple appliances
  • Keep microwaves, coffee machines, toasters, and other heat appliances unplugged while not in use.
Following these simple steps significantly reduce the risk of a house fire.

Schedule a Consultation. 

When it comes to fire safety, no one knows more than the experts. There are professionals around the country that specialize in preventing house fires, educating homeowners on how to prevent and respond to these fires if they were to arise. By scheduling a consultation, you’ll have a subject matter expert survey your home, walk around the property, and pin point all potential threats. If they notice something out of place, or something that can potentially cause harm, they’ll carefully explain the issue, why it’s a hazard, and provide tips on how to correct it. If you’re concerned about a fire arising in your home, this should definitely be an option to look into.

Have a Plan. 

If you live in an area that’s prone to wildfires or just want to be on the safe side if a fire were to start in your home, it’s crucial to sit down with your family or roommates and make a plan. In the event of a house fire, every second counts, so knowing what everyone’s role is can save you precious time. You might think that everyone will instinctively know where to go in the event that a fire breaks out, but when emergencies happen, many people panic. Even the most level-headed individual whom you know might become overwhelmed during a fire. With a plan in place, there’s less confusion, less chaos, and more control. Making everyone in the house aware of an exit strategy can help ensure that everyone makes it out the house safely, even if it means leaving valuable items behind.

Pay Attention to the News.

This one may not apply to everyone, but being aware of the news and paying attention to possible wildfires is extremely important for those that live in dry, hot regions. States like California, Nevada, Texas, and Arizona are the most at risk when it comes to wildfires. If there’s a wildfire in your state and the local government is issuing an evacuation warning, it’s crucial to take those comments seriously. Too often, families try and call Mother Nature’s bluff and try and ride out the dangerous conditions from their home. This not only puts your life at risk, but also the lives of the first responders that are responsible for saving those trapped by fire. Keeping an eye on the news and listening out for important safety messages is crucial for those that live in states notorious for wildfires.

Get Trained.

At the end of the day, nothing is more powerful when preparing for a fire than your own knowledge. Taking time to invest in courses that can teach you the potential causes of house fires, and how to handle hazardous situations is invaluable. Around the country, more individuals are starting to invest in online courses that teach them basic safety skills to better prepare themselves in the case of an emergency. is a leading eLearning marketplace that provides in-depth, comprehensive safety training in a wide variety of topics. These courses were created by safety experts, and are presented using the latest in EdTech design. For more information on our Fire Safety Preparedness courses, visit this link here.

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