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Sinatra’s Rooftop Penthouse Home Sells for $5.5 Million

Editorial Team June 14, 2013 0
Sinatra’s Rooftop Penthouse Home Sells for $5.5 Million

Before Bieber, the Beatles and Elvis, there was one superstar who inspired pandemonium in the streets when he took to the stage to sing.

And if the resent multimillion-dollar sale of his 1960s party pad means anything, the Frank Sinatra legend still has cachet.

Sinatra’s former home, perched atop the Edgewater Building at 530 East 72nd Street in New York City’s Upper East Side, sold for just under $5.5 million. The 3,200-square-foot penthouse attracted bids from Sinatra fans and several smart real estate investment prospects with its 18-foot ceilings and a wraparound terrace with a view of the East River. There’s a putting green on the terrace, four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, two half bathrooms, marble fireplaces and solar panels (no doubt a more recent addition).

Sinatra built a glass-walled conservatory/party space over the apartment, from which Sammy Davis Jr. tossed champagne glasses onto FDR Drive, 23 stories below. The glass-walled conservatory is now the master bedroom. Each of the three bedrooms below has its own bath for guests or family to enjoy privacy. Inlaid hardwood floors extend to a small dining area and kitchen with dark marble floors, a porcelain farmhouse sink and European-style stainless steel appliances.

Lest we forget this was once the home of a matinee idol and notorious ladies’ man, there’s a 20-foot dressing room and a discreet back-door exit for all your late-night hasty-escape needs.

The penthouse also features a glass staircase—the same one you’ll find in some Apple stores, in fact. No, it isn’t original; The Chairman of the Board would no doubt have tumbled to his death from it during one of his all-night benders.

Listed with Rubicon Property founder Jason Haber and broker Gregory Spock last summer, the asking price on the four-bedroom co-op duplex dropped from $7.7 million to $5.49 million before being snapped up by the daughter of a Chinese tech mogul. That’s still a hefty profit for the previous owner, Long Island-based car insurance mogul Penny Hart, who paid $2.3 million for the property three years ago.

Numerous online reports of the sale mentioned that Sinatra himself had a hand in the design of the penthouse back in 1961. Although it had been renovated since then, we’d like to think the putting green was his idea. In addition to numerous all-night Rat Pack escapades, the abode was a regular haunt for the likes of Robert Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. Ol’ Blue Eyes lived there with his young bride, Mia Farrow. In the early 1970s, Andy Warhol’s physician purchased the apartment, which he spent years renovating without ever actually completing the job.

Video tour of the property:

As it turns out, these rooftop bungalows are a big deal in a city where land is scarce. Many buildings feature rooftop gardens, recreation areas and solar panels, but real estate brokers on the Upper East Side are selling “roof rights” and constructing penthouses like Sinatra’s former love nest.

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Image by : William P. Gottlieb [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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